JOHNSON COUNTY — After a morning of pigs, the smaller animals came out to play late Friday morning, July 12, and into the early afternoon at the Johnson County Fair.

Youth showed rabbits in the late morning and poultry in the early afternoon as part of the 4-H/FFA Poultry and Rabbit shows.

The Johnson County United Way supports the small animal shows.

Participants received blue, red or white ribbons for their sheep.

The results are listed as the participant, the color of ribbon(s) received, his/her 4-H and where he/she is from.

It is also indicated if the participants received additional awards.


Class — Senior Buck Over 9 Pounds, Over 8 Months

Marlys Kanneman, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Riley Edmunds, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg, Best Senior Buck

Kasey Johnson-Atkins, Blue, Union Chapel Lions, Holden

Class — Senior Doe Over 9 Pounds, Over 8 Months

Marlys Kanneman, Blue, Best Senior Doe

Kasey Johnson-Atkins, Blue

Class — Senior Buck Under 6.5 Pounds, Over 6 Months

Riley Edmunds, Blue (5), Best Senior Buck Overall

Layla Parsons, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg

Kasey Johnson-Atkins, Blue (5)

Class — Senior Doe Under 6.5 Pounds, Over 6 Months

Riley Edmunds, Blue (3)

Kasey Johnson-Atkins, Blue (4), Best Senior Doe

Class — Intermediate Doe 6 to 8 Months

Marlys Kanneman, Blue, Best Intermediate Doe

Adley Blew, Blue, Chilhowee Indians, Chilhowee

Addison Withrich, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Class — Junior Buck Under 6 Months

Riley Edmunds, Blue (2), Best Junior Buck

Paige Keith, Blue, Knob Noster FFA, Knob Noster

Class — Junior Doe Under 6 Months

Riley Edmunds, Blue (2)

Layla Parsons, Blue (2)

Adley Blew, Blue

Kasey Johnson-Atkins, Blue, Best Junior Doe and Reserve Grand Champion

Class — Meat Pen of Three Rabbits

Riley Edmunds, Blue, Best Market Pen

Layla Parsons, Blue

Marlys Kanneman, Blue, Reserve Market Pen

Class — Showmanship, 8 to 12 Years

Layla Parsons, Blue, Champion Junior Showmanship

Class — Showmanship, 13 Years and older

Marlys Kanneman, Blue, Champion Senior Showmanship

Riley Edmunds, Blue


Class — Standard Chicken (Young)

Gaige Zwally, Blue (2), Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Grayci Holcomb, Blue (2), Blackwater Bobcats, Odessa

Rebekah Papasifakis, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Class — Standard Chickens (Old)

Grayci Holcomb, Blue

Rebekah Papasifakis, Blue (2), Reserve Champion Poultry

Gaige Zwally, Blue (2)

Class — Non Standard Chickens Bantam (Young)

Brinlea Rhyne, Blue (2), Good Neighbors, Warrensburg, Champion Poultry

Grayci Holcomb, Blue (2)

Avery Crump, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Class — Non Standard Chickens Bantams (Old)

Malea Brewington, Blue, Blackwater Bobcats, Holden

Graycie Holcomb, Blue (2)

Avery Crump, Blue

Class — Turkey

Grayci Holcomb, Blue

Gaige Zwally, Blue

Class — Live Market Poultry

Conner Davis, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg, Champion Market Poultry

Rebekah Papasifakis, Blue, Reserve Market Poultry

Class — Showmanship

Malea Brewington, Blue, Champion Junior Showmanship

Grayci Holcomb, Blue

Cooper Davis, Blue

Avery Crump, Blue

Gaige Zwally, Blue, Champion Clover Kid Showmanship

Brinlea Rhyne, Blue

Rebekah Papasifakis, Blue, Champion Senior Showmanship

Class — Hatching Chick

Nathan Snowden, Blue, Blackwater Bobcats, Warrensburg

Hallee Gates, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Carleigh Wilson, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

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