WARRENSBURG — Five Warrensburg Police officers were promoted Dec. 17 at the Municipal Building, 104 S. Holden St.

“It’s the domino effect, as we call it,” Police Chief Rich Lockhart said before the promotion ceremony.

Mike Bilbruck was promoted to corporal.

Bilbruck graduated from Warrensburg High School and the Central Missouri Police Academy.

He started his law enforcement career at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, moving on to serve as the chief of police in Deepwater.

Bilbruck joined the WPD in 2015 as a patrolman, serving as a pointman on the Johnson County and Warrensburg SWAT team.

Bilbruck was selected for the Proactive Crime Unit when it was formed in 2017.

Bilbruck’s brother-in-law, officer William Blevins ,pinned him.

Andrew Frazier was promoted to corporal.

Frazier is a Warrensburg native and has served in the U.S. Army for almost 14 years.

Frazier has been with the WPD for five years, serving as a school resource officer for nearly three years and is a member of JAWS.

Frazier will serve as an SRO corporal, supervising the other SROs in the school district.

Sgt. Jason Gilbert pinned Frazier.

Cher Miller was promoted to corporal.

Miller graduated from the CMPA, joining the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department in 2005.

Miller joined the WPD in 2009 and became a detective with the department.

Miller’s husband, Jeremy, who serves on the Missouri State Highway Patrol, pinned her.

Carl Staas was promoted to sergeant.

He graduated from the CPMA and has spent the entirety of his career in law enforcement with the WPD.

Staas’ wife, Loran, pinned him.

Jeff Reynolds was promoted to lieutenant.

Reynolds is a Warrensburg native, graduating from Central Missouri State University, now the University of Central Missouri, in 1994.

Reynolds began at the WPD as an intern in 1992 and was later hired on as a reserve police officer.

He became a full-time police officer in 1993 and was promoted to corporal in 2000 and sergeant in 2004.

His family pinned him.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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