WARRENSBURG — January of 2020 marks the 25th anniversary for the WD-40’s, a social group for women.

The group’s first meeting was Jan. 11, 1995, at Warrensburg’s University Inn, drawing 95 women.

The WD-40’s celebrated the group’s 25th anniversary on Wednesday, Jan. 22, with a lunch at Heroes.

Joann Hanna, Warrensburg, said she created the “Warrensburg Darlings Over 40” club as a way to meet new people.

She said she had a friend, Judy Wickham, who had lost her husband and used this group as a way to make new friends and interact with people.

Hanna said her friend was part of an Air Force family and was not from the Warrensburg area.

“So, that is why we started it,” Hanna said.

The WD-40’s are a branch off the Rusty Zippers, a social group for men.

The WD-40 name is also a play off the WD-40 spray.

“It was a play off words, a play off the Rusty Zippers, because they had the ‘rusty zipper’ and we could loosen it up, it was like a counter attack,” Hanna and club member Teresa Horner said.

Hanna said the group used to travel a lot.

“We have been a lot of places,” Hanna said.

Horner estimated about 10 members of the original group still attend.

Horner is also one of the original members.

Hanna said there are about 50 people in the group but 25 to 30 people attend the regular meetings.

The group meets every Wednesday.

“That is wonderful,” Hanna said of the group’s consistency. “It is like a sisterhood. We all know that if anyone has a problem, they could call anyone in the group.”

Hanna said group members take charge of the different activities from week-to-week.

“I just think this is a perfect womens group,” Horner said. “We are a sisterhood and we take care of each other. We are a support group.”

Horner and Hanna said the group extends beyond the meetings.

“They could call us any time,” Horner said.

Horner said she is not surprised the group is still around after 25 years.

“The women, they love the trips,” Horner said.

She said the group members come from a diverse background.

Horner said club members come from mainly the Warrensburg and Knob Noster area.

“I love meeting other women,” Horner said.

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