WARRENSBURG — Warrensburg Police Chief Rich Lockhart spoke with the City Council at the Monday, Oct. 12, meeting regarding a first reading of an ordinance that would prohibit the consumption of marijuana or marijuana-infused products within any public place in the city.

Lockhart said although public use of medical marijuana was prohibited in the amendment to the Missouri Constitution in 2019, the Warrensburg Police Department would not be able to enforce it without a local ordinance. 

“As we have been meeting with our dispensary vendor here in Warrensburg, he is the former chief of the North Kansas City Police Department, he recommended that we look at city ordinances they adopted to ensure that we had all of them in place prior to dispensaries opening,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart said he consulted with City Counselor Doug Harris regarding what ordinances were in place.

“The only one we didn’t have was public consumption … what this will do is it will create a local ordinance prohibiting its use in public spaces,” Lockhart said.

Councilmember Nolan Brooks asked how medical marijuana use in public spaces differs from the use of medicine.

“I think there is a difference here in the sense that this creates a noxious odor that could be offensive to people or cause reactions for other people and when the voters approved it they prohibited its use in public spaces,” Lockhart said. “So again, we are staying consistent with what the voters approved. … We’ve prohibited smoking in public places because it affects other people.”

The council will vote on the ordinance during a second reading at a future meeting.

The council has previously approved ordinances regarding marijuana-related uses, such as dispensaries and cultivation.

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Raymond James

Ban smoking ( of any material) in public places. Problem solved.

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