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HOLDEN — Two candidates seek election to a Holden City Council Ward 4 seat.

Linda S. Johnson and Ray Briscoe seek election to the Ward 4 City Council seat, a two-year term.

The City of Holden also has three uncontested elections for Wards 1, 2 and 3 City Council seats.

Elizabeth Weeks is uncontested for election to the Ward 1 City Council seat, a two-year term.

Jeremy Knox is uncontested for election to the Ward 2 City Council seat, a two-year term.

James (Rusty) Kephart is uncontested for election to the Ward 3 City Council seat, a two-year term.

Ray Briscoe

Have you served in the role you seek election to? If so, for how long have you held this role?

I am running for Holden City Council, Ward 4 councilman. While I have not held this position before, I have been involved in numerous Holden activities including the Stormwater Committee citizen representative, and supporting improvements in our City Park. Also, my experiences in the military and research communities will serve me well on the council.

Why do you seek election?

I am seeking this position to represent the citizens of my ward and help define Holden’s future. Holden is facing several challenges in the coming years regarding infrastructure improvement, city staff retention and the need to focus on economic development. Even with these challenges Holden needs to be ready to capitalize on the good things happening in our small town, like our park improvements, the MoDOT highway work and the improving economy.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

If elected as Ward 4 councilman, I will work with the council, city staff and my constituents, and make the difficult choices needed to identify, prioritize and seek solutions to implement Holden’s “big future” vision. A vision that will see our neighbors safe in their homes, walking on sidewalks to shop and our young people enjoying the finest park facilities.

Linda Johnson

Did not respond to the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal by press time.

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