McCaskill Visits

While in Warrensburg, Sen. Claire McCaskill talked about trying to work with Trump, and on Sunday he tweeted about defeating McCaskill.



Warrensburg – Sen. Claire McCaskill extended an olive branch to Donald Trump when she visited Warrensburg, but Trump’s tweet Sunday showed no interest.

“I will also be going to a wonderful state, Missouri, that I won by a lot in ‘16. Dem C.M. is opposed to big tax cuts. Republican will win S!” he tweeted.

Trump sent the tweet Sunday, prior to his planned Springfield visit Wednesday.

While in Warrensburg, McCaskill declined an opportunity to attack Trump following his Charlottesville remarks.

“Just this morning I heard an op-ed in USA Today calling for Democratic and Republican legislators to join together in an effort to censure the president: Thoughts?” the questioner asked.

“Listen, I’m disappointed and discouraged and worried about some of the things that president has said and the tone he’s taken on some issues. But my job out there is not to fight the president. My job is to fight for you,” McCaskill told the crowd about 100 gathered at the American Legion post. “My job is to work as hard as I can representing Missouri families and doing the things that I think will make a difference in your lives. I’m going to stay focused on that.”

When possible, she said, she would work with Trump in ways that could mean cheaper hearing aids, getting roads built, affordable health care and affordable higher education.

“That’s what’s going to motivate me every day, not fighting the president,” McCaskill said.

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Name calling and bully tactics seemingly worked for Trump in the election. We'll see more of this. Instead of making an effort to work with those in Congress--on both sides--he is playing totally to the 30% or so who support him. This is not how deals are made!


Rebecca -- Wasn't it Hillary who called Trump supporters deplorable and irredeemable? Wasn't it the Left who called -- and are still calling -- Trump supporters racist, neo-Nazis, xenophobic, etc.?

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