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WARRENSBURG — The Arbors at Harmony Gardens, assisted living by Americare, has reported that two residents have passed away due to complications from COVID-19.

Senior Vice President of Americare Patricia Cokingtin said the deaths occurred Aug. 23 and Aug. 25.

The facility had 11 total residents and five employees test positive for COVID-19 since Aug. 13.

Nine residents and the five employees are considered recovered from the virus by CDC guidelines and in accordance with direction from Americare’s infectious disease consulting physicians.

The Arbors at Harmony Gardens stated by separating COVID-19 positive residents on the special care unit and suspending shared staffing between the buildings, the facility was able to protect three Arbors residents and 26 assisted living residents from infection.

The Arbors at Harmony Gardens states it has begun the process of closing its COVID-19 special care unit on the property and work has begun to thoroughly sanitize the wing used for the special care unit and prepare to return residents to their original rooms.

The in-room quarantine for residents is also being lifted.

“We want to thank everyone of our residents and families for their support during this challenging time,” Cokingtin said. “We are very proud of our team at Harmony Gardens and The Arbors who lived our philosophy every day by putting residents first.”

Cokingtin said the facility will continue the procedures it put in place to prevent future COVID-19 infections.

For more information on how Americare facilities are addressing the coronavirus pandemic, visit

Three deaths have previously been reported in the county in relation to COVID-19 complications.

The first death was reported July 8 at the individual’s residence.

The second death was reported July 10 at a local, long-term care facility.

The third death of a Johnson County resident was reported Aug. 14 at a hospital outside the county.

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