WARRENSBURG — On Aug. 7, members of the Warrensburg Main Street organization were surprised to find that the wooden chair that sat in their vestibule had, for some reason, been stolen.

Amused by the peculiar circumstances, the organization members decided to create a collection of social media posts jokingly detailing the stolen chair’s “adventures” across Warrensburg.

The theft of the chair caught the Warrensburg Main Street office by surprise, as there was seemingly nothing special about the wooden chair that was once resting in the entrance to the building.

“It was looked at, sat in and once deciding it was a good, sturdy chair, it was taken out the door,” Darci Cowan, creative content coordinator at Warrensburg Main Street, said. “We caught the entire scene on our camera and had quite the laugh that someone just picked up our chair and left as if it were theirs.”

The employees at Warrensburg Main Street said they were not too worried about the cost of the stolen chair, but they did decide to report the theft to the Warrensburg Police Department.

Finding the whole situation humorous, some of the Board members said they thought this was a good opportunity to have some fun with the unique circumstances.

Teena Simon, a member of the Warrensburg Main Street Board of Directors, photographed a similar chair from the office, left unscathed by any chair bandits, at different locations across Warrensburg.

She then posted the photographs to social media, joking that the missing chair was adventuring to different places around town.

“As Teena sent us her photos, it was easy to laugh at how ridiculous the situation was,” Cowan said. “It was a great way to bring humor to an unusual situation.”

Photographing the chair in different locations across town was good for more than a laugh, though.

It also provided the chance to showcase various locations and establishments in Warrensburg that members of WMS said they believe deserve more attention.

Some of the photographed locations included the Old Historic Courthouse Square, Turkey Foot Prairie and artist Hugo Kriegel’s 1440 Clock Project murals.

“There are several places in Warrensburg that are hidden gems that don’t get a lot of publicity,” Cowan said. “Sharing the story and locations of our #WarrensburgsWanderingChair was a great way to share and showcase some of the lesser known places in Warrensburg.”

Numerous members of the Warrensburg community began engaging with the posts by replying with their own jokes and showing interest in the location that the “missing” chair had found itself in.

“People chimed in with chair puns, thoughts on why the chair was visiting a particular location and asking where the locations were in Warrensburg,” Cowan said. “We think that the amount of engagement we received goes to show how much people enjoy seeing a little comic relief on their social media newsfeeds.”

The chair has since been returned to its rightful home at Warrensburg Main Street, but it would appear as though its adventures across town are not yet over.

“Although the chair has been returned to us, we still have several photos to share of the places our chair had visited,” Cowan said. “So keep a look out for those on the Warrensburg Main Street Facebook page to see what other fun locations our chair was photographed.”

Staff Writer Dustin Steinhoff can be reached by emailing dustin.steinhoff@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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