Spider decoration makes way for turkey costume

A hay bale, once decorated as a spider for Halloween, is now ready for Thanksgiving as it is dressed as a turkey. The decoration is located next to The Southwing at 1095 S. Mitchell St.

WARRENSBURG — With the flipping of the calendar to a new month, the hay bale next to The Southwing, 1095 S. Mitchell St., has a change in costume as well.

Where a giant spider decoration stood in October, a turkey decoration has taken its place in November.

J.J. Falen said she first decorated the hay bale as a turkey in November of 2018 as a way to draw attention to her event venue, The Southwing.

The hay bale has also seen decorations of a reindeer and a spider.

"The turkey is the first thing I did last year after I started putting The Southwing together and I just wanted to draw attention to my other signs over here," Falen said.

She said she looked to Pinterest for ideas on how to promote her business.

"I have been looking at other ideas for all the holidays," Falen said. "I look to have something fun out there for all of them."

As for the construction of the decoration, Falen said it is a team effort.

"Luckily I have Chris Myers who is an engineer, so that helps," she said.

Falen said she designed and built the turkey tail.

She said the tail is designed like a deck of cards so that it can fold up and be stored easily.

The tail of the turkey is made of painted wood and the head is made of chicken wire and burlap.

"Last year, it warmed my heart when some girl called, she still had a giggle in her voice and she said, 'I just love that turkey, you are the one that made that?' I said, 'Yes ma'am.' She said, 'Every morning I drive by that thing and just think that is hilarious, thank you for that,'" Falen said.

For those visiting the decoration, there is a ladder next to the bale so that people can climb on the bale and take a photo.

"That is how come I decided to keep that ladder out there so that you can take a picture of you kids or hop on the spider or ride the turkey, ride that turkey," Falen said.

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