Resolution of support approved for redevelopment of estates in decline

The three adjoining properties, Warrensburg Estates and Spring Ridge I and II, at at 602 Spring Ridge Road and 619, 625 and 627 W. Clark St. were the subject of a resoluction aprpoved by the City Council July 8 regarding the renovation of the properties.

WARRENSBURG — Pete Ramsel, representing CRA Investments and HRM Services, spoke to the City Council to ask for support in the renovation, redevelopment and rehabilitation of housing at Warrensburg Estates and Spring Ridge I and II.

Ramsel said the developer wanted a resolution of support from the City. After some discussion, the City Council voted to approve the resolution.

The three adjoining properties are located at 602 Spring Ridge Road and 619, 625 and 627 W. Clark St. and are to be known as Greenridge Estates.

“We didn’t realize until we were out there on the property just how bad it was,” Ramsel said.

Ramsel, former executive director of the Missouri Housing Development Commission, said HRM is seeking a low-income housing tax credit from the MHDC and funding from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development to do the rehab. A letter submitted to the City Council by Ramsel explains that support from the City would aid in being granted the funding.

The estimated cost of renovating the 56 units in the area is $6,371,470.

The letter states “the current thought is to tear down two buildings in Spring Ridge I and II and rehab the remaining buildings which would reduce the size of the development and resolve some of the immediate problems.”

Councilman Scott Holmberg expressed concern about preventing decline of properties.

“Part of the problem here is that this property was fairly far gone by the time the City had adopted its property maintenance code,” Douglas Harris, city prosecutor, said. “So now you have the tools to be able to be proactive.”

Ramsel explained that should the tax credit be granted HRM will then have ownership and management of the properties and that an agreement is in place to assume control and management of two other adjacent properties by the same seller.

“In the police, we call this a ‘den of iniquity,’” Police Chief Rich Lockhart said at the City Council meeting. “This is where criminal activity is centered in Warrensburg.”

Lockhart told the City Council about the Crime Free Multi-Housing program and crime prevention through environmental design. Lockhart stated the WPD would be willing to work with the developer in these two areas.

HRM must apply for the tax credit by September and will know if they receive it by the end of November.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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