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WARRENSBURG — The City of Warrensburg 2019 Fall Cleanup for items that are not normally hauled by the regular trash service will take place Monday, Oct. 14, east of Maguire Street and Monday, Oct. 21, west of Maguire Street.

The program is provided for residents within the city limits and includes mobile home parks and apartment complexes.

Bulk items such as furniture (couches, chairs, tables, mattresses), carpeting, tree trimmings and appliances must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner no later than 7 a.m. Monday of the designated cleanup week.

Bulk collection starts on Monday, however, actual collection time will vary due to total volume and type of materials set out.

A Public Works Department press release states the following guidelines shall apply to avoid interruption with regular curbside collection service.

Bulk waste

Bulk waste items must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner within five feet of the street.

Bulk waste must be generated on the premises in which it is collected.

Bulk waste will not be collected if it is from another location.

All metal, brush and trash shall be neatly separated in piles.

Any mixing of bulk items may result in cleanup refusal by the city or its contractor.

Each type of material is collected separately due to disposal methods.

Items placed in front of a vacant home or lot will not be picked up.

Volume restrictions

The amount of bulk is limited to six cubic yards per collection excluding appliances.

Six cubic yards is equal to a pile of trash six-feet wide, six-feet long and four-and-a-half-feet high.


Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners containing Freon must be discharged and tagged by a State Authorized Specialist in order to be picked up. Any home appliance store should have contact information for a State Authorized Specialist.

Doors must be removed from any appliance that presents a hazard to children.

Appliances are excluded from the six cubic yard volume requirements.

Computers and electronics

To recycle old computers and electronics, check out the Department of Natural Resources website at

Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste will not be accepted, although leftovers from a small weekend home improvement project will be taken.

Those type of items need to be cut down to no larger than four-feet long.

Prohibited Materials

Materials such as roofing materials, tile, concrete, bricks, stones, automotive body parts, engines, transmissions, batteries, tires, used oil, paint, insecticides, chemicals and hazardous waste items normally picked up by trash service contractors will not be collected.

Tires can be disposed of through local tire repair shops at a nominal fee and will not be included in the city collection.

Brush Collection

Maximum limb diameter is six inches and limbs must be cut to four-foot lengths.

All limbs and brush must be placed off the street in an orderly fashion with all cut ends facing the roadside.

The size of the pile may not be larger than four-feet high by 15-feet wide and is limited to one pile per property.

Collection is limited to brush and tree cuttings. Commercial cuttings will not be accepted.

All vines, thorny plants such as hawthorns, rose bushes and small brush must be tied and bundled. Bundles shall not exceed 12 inches in diameter.

Shrubbery and ornamentals with root balls attached cannot be accepted.

Small twigs must be placed in an open-topped cardboard box, do not use plastic bags. Yard waste, garden waste, leaves and grass clippings will not be picked up.

The Public Works Department reminds residents that this is a free service provided by the City of Warrensburg and the city reserves the right to refuse any items for cleanup that do not meet the criteria of the program.

The intent of this program is for residents to have the opportunity to clean out the garage, basement, closets or other storage areas where rubbish accumulates.

This service is intended to help with those yearly cleanup projects where old worn out items and junk can be put out to be collected.

All of the normal, everyday household garbage, like food waste and packaging, is not included in this program.

For more information about the Fall Cleanup program, contact Jason McCarty at (660) 262-4662 or email at

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