WARRENSBURG — The eighth annual Project Community Community Connect saw a steady flow of participants Friday, Nov. 1, at the University of Central Missouri Student Wellness and Recreation Center, event organizer Liz Kostas said.

"It seemed to go very well, organized and people were getting through in a timely manner," Kostas said.

She said the steady flow of people allowed people to be served quickly and efficiently.

"It allowed them a little bit more time to visit with people," Kostas said on the benefit the steady intake had on vendors.

She said the extra time allowed people to discover other services and opportunities they were qualified for.

"A lot of people who went through received multiple services," Kostas said.

Kostas said one mother discovered her child was eligible for addition services that she was unaware of.

"She was just so exited," Kostas said. "She said, 'I am just so glad I stopped and talked to this lady.'"

The 2019 event served about 220 people, a similar number to last year.

"The dental was probably one of the most needed," Kostas said.

Between the two dental services, 26 people were seen and 45 extractions took place.

While a number of people were seen, Kostsas said Katy Trail Dental scheduled three appointments for people at its clinic for those it was not able to see at the event.

Kostas said those too are being done free of charge.

Along with the dental work, more than 90 haircuts were given; 44 people were given a medical exam; 70 flu shots were given; 40 prescriptions were written; 10 HIV/syphillis tests were given; 27 GC/Chlamydia tests were given; 20 Hep A/C tests were given; and seven pregnancy tests were given.

Of the 220 people served, the first 12 people that had a need for glasses were given a voucher for an appointment with Eyecare Specialties.

"This event is just proof again that this community is kind and caring and cares about the people that are in it and bent over backwards to help people, truly," Kostas said.

The 2019 event saw more than 412 volunteers.

Kostsas said a number of the volunteers were UCM students getting hands-on training.

"They are going to be working with the public and that gave them the perfect chance to practice that," she said.

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