Warrensburg – A “stealth motorcycle” – one that makes no engine noise, goes from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds and has a top speed of 102 mph – is on Police Chief Rich Lockhart’s radar.

Lockhart showed off the all-electric Zero motorcycle at the City Council meeting Monday.

“We’re going to be testing and evaluating it for 10 days,” he said.

The Zero company is based in Scotts Valley, California.

“We’re going to be looking at some grant funding to try to buy two of them,” Lockhart said.

If funding is secured, then the motorcycles would have several uses in Warrensburg, he said.

“Primarily, they’re for traffic enforcement and community relations. It’s a lot easier to interact with somebody when you don’t have four doors all around you,” he said, adding, “We’re trying to generate some of those positive contacts with people.”

There are times when a motorcycle can serve better than a car when looking for suspects, Lockhart said.

“If we should have an incident on campus, we would be able to get through gates, it’ll go up and down stairs, and because it’s electric, you could actually ride it inside of a building,” he said.

Outdoor foot chases that frequently involve officers could be supplemented with a motorcycle.

“You can get off road with it. Like in Cave Hollow Park, if we have a call back on the trails, we could ride it on the trails. Some of our other parks have some trails and we could ride it there,” he said. “They can go places cars just cannot go.”

Councilwoman Robin Allen asked how long a charge lasts.

Lockhart said the bikes can go up to 140 miles in the city before being recharged. A full recharge takes about nine hours, he said.

“It was down to 81 percent when I went home for dinner and an hour later when I came back it was up to 100 percent,” Lockhart said. “It’s a really, really cool bike. I rode it around quite a bit today and got a lot of looks from people. It’s completely silent. All you hear are the tires.”

The motorcycle, outfitted with lights and siren, retails for about $21,000.

Master Patrolman Ronnie Katts will ride the motorcycle Saturday in the Homecoming Parade, Lockhart told the council.

After the council meeting, Lockhart drove around the Municipal Complex parking lot. He carried on a conversation without having to shout because the motorcycle engine produced no noise.

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