Iced Roads

WARRENSBURG — The good news - The National Weather Service predicts Johnson County will receive less snow than originally though from this weekend's winter storm.

The bad news - The NWS predicts the storm will bring the county more ice than originally thought.

The NWS hosted a webinar briefing for Johnson County on Friday afternoon, Jan. 10. Representatives from Johnson County Emergency Management, Warrensburg Fire Department and Warrensburg Police Department viewed the webinar at the new EMA office.

The NWS described the weather events for the weekend as a "complex winter storm."

Temperatures varied throughout the state Friday afternoon, about 1 p.m., with portions of northern Missouri (Maryville) in the high 20s, mid-Missouri (Sedalia) in the 50s and areas further south (Rolla) in the 60s.

Johnson County was part of a flash flood watch Friday afternoon that was in place until 6 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 11.

Areas in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and northern Louisiana had a severe weather threat on Friday.

Rain fell on Warrensburg on Friday with some portions of the county receiving thunder and lightning as well.

The NWS did warn though that the temperatures in Johnson County would drop as the day wore on.

The webinar stated cold air moving south would transition rain to freezing rain and eventually sleet.

The webinar information predicted Johnson County receiving about a quarter inch of ice from the storm with most of the snow to fall on Saturday.

Johnson County was predicted between three and four inches of snow from the storm.

The NWS did state Johnson County could receive as much as six inches of snow on the high end of predictions and as little as one inch on the low end.

Webinar information stated there could be a lull in precipitation late Friday night but widespread accumulating snow and breezy (15 to 30 mph) conditions were predicted for Saturday.

A winter storm warning went into place Friday morning that would last until midnight on Sunday, Jan. 12.

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