WARRENSBURG — As fireworks were set to be sent into the sky Thursday night, July 4, Mother Nature returned the favor by dropping bucket loads of rain onto Johnson County’s Fourth of July celebration.

The National Weather Service out of Pleasant Hill reported 5.6 inches of rain Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, July 5.

Light rain began about 7 p.m. Tuesday and became heavier as the evening progressed.

The heavy rain caused the firework show at Grover Park Baptist Church’s Freedom Spectacular to cancel Thursday night.

The City of Holden however did manage to host its fireworks show.

Between Wednesday, July 3, and Friday, July 5, about 7.5 inches of rain were reported in Warrensburg.

The heavy amounts of rained cause many roads in the county to flood.

Johnson County Emergency Management Director Troy Armstrong reported the large amounts of rain caused water to overflow creek banks quickly but receded quickly as well.

Flash flood warnings were issued in the county beginning about 9 p.m. Thursday and continued throughout the night.

There were seven warning issued throughout the night with the final one spanning from 4:16 to 8 a.m. Friday.

Johnson County EMA assisted the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office about 11:50 p.m. Thursday with traffic control as the flood waters washed away a portion of Highway AA, just north of Highway 58 at the railroad tracks and just west of Kingsville.

Armstrong said one side of the roadway was washed away completely leaving a large hole in the lane that spanned to about the yellow centerline.

He said the other side of the roadway still had the surface intact but the water had washed away all the dirt from around the tinhorn culvert under the road.

Armstrong said water continued to run through the culvert from one side of the road to the other despite no dirt being in place around it.

The Missouri Department of Transportation sent out a crew for damage assessment and sent out another crew later in the night to repair the roadway.

However, Armstrong said the MoDoT crew deemed the work area unsafe and blocked off the piece of road until it could come back and work on it later in the day on Friday.

By mid-morning on Friday, the remainder of the roadway was down and a large gap spanned the width of the road.

Additional rain continued to fall Friday morning.

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