WARRENSBURG — For two weeks every summer, the University of Central Missouri is host to hundreds of teenagers participating in the American Legion Boys State and the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State in Missouri.

“Missouri Girls State is a fast-paced, high-energy educational program designed to focus on leadership, citizenship, and scholastic abilities,” Linda Schaap, director of admissions at MGS, said. “Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, held at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, and open to girls completing their junior year in high school, the program creates a mock state that the girls, as citizens, will govern at the city, county and state levels. Citizens take classes, campaign for offices, open businesses and even run their own newspaper. The girls also attend daily assemblies at which leaders in Missouri government, as well as those holding important offices and positions in our communities, are frequent guests. In addition to earning college credit for their classes, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available to girls who complete the program.”

“The American Legion Missouri Boys State is a week long leadership program designed to instill civic values in tomorrow’s leaders. It provides a unique opportunity for young men from across Missouri to experience democracy in a very real and impactful way,” MBS Director Matthew Dameron said. “We simulate elections and, by the conclusion of the week, the young men have built a model government that replicates real life government at the city, county and state level. Founded in 1938 by The American Legion, Missouri Boys State is one of the premier leadership and Americanism programs in the country.”

MBS was June 15 to 22 and MGS was June 23 to 29.

More than 700 girls attended MGS and more than 900 boys attended MBS.

Elected state officials for MGS 2019 were Governor Aminhan Lobster, O’Fallon; Lt. Governor Autumn Shelton, Lamar; Secretary of State Victoria Ogbeifun, Republic; State Auditor Kendall McMullen, Liberty; Attorney General Raeann Grunden, Cole Camp; and State Treasurer Jenna Hageman, Bridgeton.

MGS citizens elected to the MGS 2019 Supreme Court were Chief Justice Adora Snead, Springfield; Justice Merrideth Spiers, Grant City; Justice Elizabeth Appel, Kansas City; Justice Madelynn Yoder, Eldon; Justice Kassandra Ramos, Farmington; Justice Sarah Beahm, Kansas City; and Justice Ella Schnake, Raymore.

Hannah Licklider, St. Clair, was elected as superintendent of the MGS Highway Patrol.

Amanda Eckels, Nixa, and Marissa Gertz, Sedalia, were both selected as Girls Nation senators.

Larry Wilson Jr. was elected governor at Missouri Boys State.

MBS 2019 Supreme Court justices are Justin Ingram, Daniel King, Connor Peper, Wyatt Fletcher, Anthony Chellew, Ezekiel Butler and Dylan Britton.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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