Johnson County youth participate in Dog Show

Bekah Papasifakis and Molly, Hallee Gates and Olivia, Riley Edmunds and Smokey, Brinlea Rhyne and Stella, Marlys Kanneman and Spot, Emilee Colhour and Faith and Brooklynn Fleming and Charlie pose for a photo after participating in the Johnson County Fair 4-H Dog Show on Sunday, July 7.

JOHNSON COUNTY — Johnson County youth and their four-legged friends participated in the Johnson County Fair 4-H Dog Show on Sunday, July 7.

All participants received a Blue Ribbon for their participation.

Johnson County United Way and Bryan Jacobs, RE/MAX, helped support the show.

Jacobs and RE/MAX provided the prizes.

The Showmanship: ages 8 to 10 class included Hallee Gates, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg.

The Showmanship: ages 11 and up class included Brooklynn Fleming, Mineral Creek, Leeton; Marlys Kanneman, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg; Riley Edmunds, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg; Emilee Colhour, Good Neighbors, Holden; Rebekah Papasifakis, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg; and Brinlea Rhyne, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg.

The Obedience: Prenovice/first year kids class included Kanneman, Gates and Rhyne.

The Obedience: Second year and Up (dog)/ ages 11 and up included Papasifakis, Fleming, Colhour and Edmunds.

The Agility Course: First Year Dog class included Kanneman and Rhyne.

The Agility Course: Ages 11 and Up class included Fleming, Colhour and Papasifakis.

The Costume: All Ages class included Kanneman, Fleming, Gates, Colhour, Papasifakis and Rhyne.

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