WARRENSBURG — After two years at the helm, Scott Holmberg will replace Jennifer English as the Johnson County United Way executive director.

English’s official last day as executive director is July 19.

Holmberg’s first official day is July 8.

“We will overlap for a couple weeks,” English said. “I think he is obviously someone in the community who will get things done and we are going to work together for a few weeks and I think that will make for a seamless transition.”

English assumed the role of executive director in 2017.

She said this decision is one she has put a lot of time into.

“There are a couple things that went into it,” English said. “You obviously don’t make a decision like this with just one thing in mind.”

The future of the organization weighed into her decision, she said.

“I was kind of getting to the point where I did not know how to move United Way forward with my skill set, necessarily,” English said.

She also said her family played a role in the decision.

“A lot of it was I just felt like it was time for a transition,” English said.

She was the first full-time executive director for the Johnson County United Way.

“I feel like I was brought into United Way to get the ball rolling again and once I got to that point I wasn’t sure how to go to the next level and I really think Scott is going to be able to do that,” English said.

She said she is proud of what she accomplished and the relationships she helped the organization build during her time as executive director.

“That is probably what I am most proud of, just building all those bridges,” she said.

English said she still plans to stay connected with the United Way.

Holmberg praised English for what she accomplished and provided the organization.

“The organization, I thought, with Jennifer did very well and started striving instead of just surviving,” Holmberg said.

Holmberg recently retired from RISE Community Services at the end of 2018 and has since began doing real estate work and was elected onto the Warrensburg City Council.

“I think it is a good transition,” Holmberg said of taking on the role of Johnson County United Way executive director.

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