WARRENSBURG — The Johnson County Commission voted Jan. 30 to approve an ordinance stating Johnson County will begin participating in the annual Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday in 2020.

The Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday exempts the state sales tax (4.225%) on retail sales of qualifying Energy Star certified new appliances from April 19 to April 25.

The statute also allows cities, counties and special tax districts to choose whether or not to participate in the sales tax holiday.

With Johnson County opting to participate in the sales tax holiday, the 2.75% county sales tax (6.975% including state sales tax) will be exempt at businesses within the county.

The City of Warrensburg participates in the sales tax holiday as well, meaning the 1.88% city sales tax (8.85% including state and county sales tax) will be exempt at businesses within the city.

The Hawthorne Transportation Development District will also waive its 2.37% sales tax (9.35% including state and county sales tax) during the holiday.

“It’s good for business and it’s good for the consumer,” Presiding Commissioner William Gabel said.

The following Energy Star certified appliances qualify for the holiday:

Clothes washers

Clothes dryers

Water heaters


Air conditioners




Heat pumps

The exempt sales taxes are applicable for up to $1,500 per appliance.

If the appliance costs more than $1,500, the first $1,500 is exempt from sales tax and the remaining amount is taxable at the full rate.

Products that qualify for the sale will be marked with an Energy Star label.

Energy Star is a program created by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy to promote energy efficiency and provide information on energy consumption of products and devices.

Products earn the label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements decided upon by the EPA for each product.

According to the EPA, it decides which products receive the Energy Star labels based on the following requirements:

Products must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.

In addition to an increase in energy efficiency, certified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers.

If the certified product is more expensive than a less-efficient counterpart, purchasers must be able to recover their investment through increased energy efficiency via utility bill savings in a reasonable period of time.

Energy efficiency must be acquired with broadly available, non-proprietary technologies offered by a number of different manufacturers.

The energy consumption and performance of the product must be able to be measured and verified with testing.

The product labeling must effectively differentiate the products and be visible to purchasers.

For city and counties to participate in the sales tax holiday, the local jurisdiction must enact an ordinance indicating it will participate in the holiday and provide it to the Department of Revenue at least 45 days before the beginning date of the sales tax holiday.

County Clerk Diane Thompson brought the idea to have Johnson County participate in the Green Sales Tax Holiday and the Johnson County Commissioners unanimously passed the ordinance.

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