WARRENSBURG — The Johnson County Board of Services celebrated its 40th anniversary Dec. 6 with cake, punch and a ribbon cutting.

The ribbon cutting was to mark the rebranding of JCBS as its own entity. The organization has adopted the new motto SPARK: Supporting People with developmental disabilities through Advocacy, Resources and Kindness.

Melissa Frey became executive director of the JCBS when the organization separated from RISE Community Services

July 1, 2018.

The two organizations parted ways in order for the JCBS to keep its contract through Medicaid and remove the possibility of a conflict of interest.

The JCBS helps to find support, services and funding for those with developmental disabilities.

RISE Community Services is a provider of services for those with developmental disabilities.

“The impact is greater than just case management,” Frey said.

The JCBS also monitors providers to ensure that outcomes and promises are kept.

The JCBS serves 280 families and individuals in Johnson County.

“Often, families don’t know that we’re here,” Frey said, remarking on the difficulties faced by families that have a child with a developmental disability.

The JCBS does not have fees for case management services, but instead is funded by local, state and federal dollars that are billed through Medicaid.

“All people, regardless of ability, have the right to a life,” Frey said at the anniversary celebration.

At the anniversary, Frey gave Virginia Campbell an award in appreciation for her many years of service for the JCBS.

Campbell has served on the Board of Services from 2009 to 2014 and on the JCBS Foundation since 2010.

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