WARRENSBURG — The Johnson County Emergency Services Board announced the promotion of Kimberly Jennings as executive director for the Johnson County Central E-911 Dispatch.

Jennings began her service to Johnson County as an emergency communications operator in June of 2004.

She has served in Johnson County Central Dispatch as an emergency communications supervisor, training supervisor and director of administration.

Jennings has served as the interim executive director since December 2018.

Jennings holds certifications as an emergency medical dispatcher, emergency telecommunicator, emergency telecommunicator instructor, communications center supervisor, communications training officer, communications center manager and has completed numerous other specialty training in emergency telecommunication and emergency management.

She serves as a member on the Johnson County Crisis Intervention Team Council and Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee and engages in various state associations.

Jennings is a graduate of Warrensburg High School and attended State Fair Community College.

She lives with her husband and family in Warrensburg.

Outside of work she is busy as a mother with her childrens many activities and school functions.

Board information states Jennings was selected for promotion to the executive director position “based on her dedication and outstanding performance to the Johnson County Central E-911 Dispatch throughout her career. She has demonstrated her ability to succeed and help the Center improve through her advancements through the ranks of the Johnson County Central E-911 Dispatch.”

The Board directors of the Johnson County Emergency Services Board made the decision following a performance review of Jennings’ service as the interim executive director.

Board members Larry Jennings and Joe Jennings did not attend, participate or vote during the performance review or motion to promote Kimberly Jennings.

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