WARRENSBURG — Johnson County Central Dispatch lost a valued member of its team with the passing of Records Clerk and Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) Douglas Butland, 62, the morning of Monday, June 8.

Butland was born on May 9, 1958.

He was known by his coworkers as Dougie, Dougals, Douggles and Doug ‘E’ Fresh from his past coworkers.

Butland was employed with JCCD from March 2, 2010, until his passing on June 8.

Butland was initially hired for a telecommunicator position at JCCD, but during his training, he was offered the position of records clerk and accepted.

As the TAC, Butland served as the point-of-contact at the local agency for matters relating to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) information access.

TAC assumes the responsibility of ensuring compliance with state and NCIC policies and regulations as well as displaying knowledge about the telecommunications system and the general operation of the terminal equipment.

“There’s a lot of stuff Doug did that only Doug really knew how to do,” JCCD Executive Director Kimberly Jennings said. “It’s all things that we’re going to have to learn.”

In addition to working at JCCD, he was also employed with St. Clair County in Osceola, Missouri, as a 911 telecommunicator.

Prior to working for JCCD, Butland worked as a radio operator at the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

“Doug put in 10 years and three months of dedicated service with JCCD,” Jennings said. “He was passionate about his work and always shared his knowledge with the staff. He was our walking dictionary if we ever needed to know the spelling of something.”

Jennings went on to say Butland was consistent, walking into work every day at 8:53 a.m. with a smile on his face, along with a greeting to his co-workers, followed by a, “Morning Doug,” in a collaborated response from his co-workers.

“Doug will always be remembered as that guy who stood so patiently behind us to hand-deliver paperwork and the go-to guy to share our food with,” Jennings said.

Jennings said he was kind and hard-working, and had a love for fantasy sports, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, animals and his wife, Claudia.

Jennings said Butland’s passing came as a shock to herself and the JCCD team.

“Doug was not just a colleague to us, he was family,” Jennings said. “He is and will always be missed.”

JCCD will plant a tree in Butland’s memory and will hold a dedication ceremony in the coming months.

Staff Writer Dustin Steinhoff can be reached by emailing dustin.steinhoff@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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