HOLDEN — Cochran’s Jerseys, a dairy farm in Holden, is teaching new members of its herd to be Chiefs fans from a young age.

Hannah Cochran, Holden, shared photos on Facebook on Tuesday evening, Jan. 28, of a Jersey calf born earlier that day sporting Chiefs gear and quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ hairstyle.

“Like I said in my post, ‘Jerseys have all the extras. And when it comes to the Chiefs, our spirit is Grade A, just like our milk,” Cochran said Wednesday morning, Jan. 29.

Cochran said the Chiefs outfit on the newborn calf was a great way to show the farm’s Chiefs spirit.

“I knew I wanted to do something fun to show our Chiefs spirit for the Super Bowl and there was no better of doing that than dressing up a calf like ‘Mooohomes,’ Cochran said.

She said the calf did not show objection to wearing the attire.

“The calf did not mind the outfit whatsoever, and I knew right then, we had another Chiefs fan on the farm,” Cochran said.

After her initial post on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, Cochran said the post began to gain lots of traction and was shared numerous times on social media.

“By my post going viral, not only are people showing their support for the Chiefs, but they are showing their support for a local dairy farm, and that means the world to us,” Cochran said.

While the calf does not yet have a name, it appears this newborn has quickly become a fan favorite in Chiefs Kingdom.

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