JEFFERSON CITY – With Veterans Day being Monday, Nov. 11, Gov. Mike Parson recently honored Missouri veterans and highlighted the services available for them within the state.

“This Veterans Day weekend, let us take the time to honor the service, sacrifice and courage of our veterans,” Parson said Friday, Nov. 8, “America owes a debt of gratitude to all service members, and while we can never repay the sacrifices they have made, we can honor them by continuing to recognize their service and commitment to our country. Having spent six years in the Army, I encourage everyone to thank our veterans and active military – not only this weekend but throughout the year. Thanks to their sacrifice, we are here today.”

Parson will honor veterans by attending a number of events throughout the state during the week of Veterans Day.

Parson will attend Whiteman Day and the Mizzou versus Florida Military Appreciation Day game on Saturday, Nov. 16.

He will also speak at the National Stars and Stripes Museum’s Inaugural Spirit of Democracy event on Saturday evening.

Home to more than 480,000 veterans, Missouri has several agencies, programs and partnerships in place to assist and support veterans in the state.

Missouri Veteran’s Commission

The Missouri Veterans Commission provides assistance to veterans regarding their rights, access to benefits and other veteran resources and programs in place in Missouri.

MVC also has Missouri Veterans Homes located across the state that provide long-term, skilled nursing care for veterans.

MVC recently received nearly $5 million in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to make important upgrades to four Missouri Veterans Homes:

Warrensburg Veterans Home: $1,226,486

St. James Veterans Home: $618,309

St. Louis Veterans Home: $1,644,063

Mexico Veterans Home: $1,457,622

The funds allowed MVC to replace aging mechanical systems with high efficiency units that will enhance the lives of Missouri veterans, their families and employees.

Missouri State Board of Nursing

The Missouri State Board of Nursing has placed a strong emphasis on collaboration with the military by working to incorporate and recognize education, training and/or service received and completed into the qualifications to apply for licensure as a practical nurse.

It was recently announced that the board has reached a milestone of licensing 100 individuals through the U.S. Air Force’s education and training program.

Since March 22, 2017, the board has licensed 107 individuals who completed the program.

The board also has a Military Task Force in place with active military, retired military and public partners who are continuously exploring ways to help transition active duty military professionals to successful civilian careers.

Other state programs and resources

Missouri Department of Economic Development: Office of the Missouri Military Advocate

Missouri Department of Mental Health: Veterans Mental Health Services Office

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Veterans training and education programs, Troops to Teachers program and Honorary High School Diplomas

Missouri Department of Corrections: Veterans program in seven Missouri correctional facilities

Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations: Offers employment and training services to veterans and transitioning service members through the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development and provides unemployment benefits to eligible spouses of active or reserve military personnel

Missouri Department of Revenue: Military liaison to assist military personnel with taxation, motor vehicle and drivers licensing questions

Missouri Department of Conservation: Free hunting and fishing licenses available to disabled veterans

“As we honor our military members for their service, I’d like to commend the partnerships, programs and resources our state has in place for veterans,” Parson said. “We’re proud of the great work of our agencies to support those who have served our country, and we will continue working to make Missouri the most military and veteran friendly state in the nation.”

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