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WARRENSBURG — The City Council voted in favor of authorizing refinancing of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Improvement District debt at its meeting Oct. 14.

Hawthorne NID bonds

The City Council voted to approve a resolution to authorize city staff to refund the Hawthorne NID debt.

The debt was incurred in 2008, when a developer left property, and the debt tied to it, to the city. Since then, the city has sold much of the property but there is still property for sale, Director of Finance Matthew Lue said.

The refunding of the debt will be a private placement of the debt, lowering the interest rate by an estimated one to two percent.

The council voted June 10 to select a scenario to refinance the debt.

The scenario chosen by the council has a net present value savings of $211,700, and will reduce the current interest rate from 4.09% to a rate in the low twos, according to information provided to the council.

Rezoning a portion of Hale Lake Road

The City Council voted four to one in favor of rezoning a portion of 603 East Hale Lake Road from general business to a low-density multi-family residence district.

With a split vote, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the rezoning of the property be denied during the Oct. 8 PZC meeting.

The property is owned by the Life Church of the Nazarene, 603 East Hale Lake Road, and is northeast of the church building.

“They’re just looking to use the property for something,” Bobby Hall, a representative from church, said during the public hearing portion of the city council meeting about the rezoning. “The reason we were looking at (low-density multi-family residence district) is that way (potential buyers) have an option.”

Council member Robin Allen voted against the rezoning.

JCEDC semi-annual report

Executive Director Tracy Brantner presented the Johnson County Economic Development Corporation semi-annual report to the city council.

JCEDC is a 501c 3 nonprofit organization that serves all of Johnson County focusing on economic growth.

Brantner discussed the plan for growth for 2021, fiscal year accomplishments, the organization’s goals, the Opportunity Zone and the Johnson County Small Business Development Center.

Brantner discussed the recently launched opportunitywarrensburg.com that allows users to search for sites and buildings within the Opportunity Zone and information relevant to investing in Warrensburg.

DIC ordinance amendment

The City Council voted to approve an ordinance amending Chapter 12 of the Code of Ordinances. The amendment corrects the term limits of Diversity and Inclusion Commission members from two-year appointments to three-year appointments.

“There had been a previous time when there were multiple amendments made to the chapter in the matter of a few months and the complication of those different ordinances was a little problematic,” City Attorney Doug Harris said. “So I suggested that the entire chapter be reinstated just to clean up those issues.”

Later in the meeting, Mayor Casey Lund reappointed Atsuki Mori, Erica Jones-Collins and Heather Jepsen to the DIC.


The City Council voted in favor of the final acceptance of the Business Highway 13/Hawthorne Boulevard Roundabout Project, authorizing the final payment to J.C. Myers Construction Co.

Construction of the project was completed in late August.

Due to weather, construction was delayed and two time extensions were issued to J.C. Myers Construction.

Information provided to the council states that a portion of the asphalt was rejected during the final walkdown inspection. The portion was accepted after being removed and replaced.

Ultraviolet upgrade project

The City Council voted to approve an ordinance to execute an agreement with Davis Structure and Development Corporation for the West Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Upgrade Project at a cost of $541,566.

The project was bid out Aug. 12, receiving four bids.

Public Works Director Marvin Coleman said the ultraviolet equipment currently in use was failing.

Coleman said three of the bids were rejected for being non-responsive, failing to provide a written performance guarantee as is required.

Municipal advisor

The City Council approved an ordinance to amend the Municipal Advisor Services Contract with Piper Jaffray and Co.

Warrensburg entered into a contract with Piper Jaffray and Co. for municipal advisor services in 2016 for 12 months with an automatic renewal for 24 months.

The amendment extends the original contract by 12 months.

The cost to the city is a $5,000 retainer fee.

Sewer infrastructure reimbursement

The City Council voted to approve an amendment of a section of city ordinance regarding sewer improvement fees.

City Manager Harold Stewart explained that when a sewer line is built by the city for a new development, the development is required to pay a Sewer Improvement Fee.

The amendment states that if an additional development connects to the sewer built for the initial development, the additional development will be responsible for a measure of reimbursement to the initial development.

“I don’t really think it fair for Culver’s to come in and build something and six months later (another business) builds across the street and they don’t have to pay for that sewer line that Culver’s paid to put in,” Stewart said. “I think this is a way to make it more equitable.”

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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