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WARRENSBURG — The City Council voted to approve a resolution for the Americans With Disabilities Act Transition Plan following a discussion led by Building Official Brett Penrose at Monday's, Feb. 10, City Council meeting.

Penrose is the ADA coordinator for the city.

“The ADA Transition Plan is required by the ADA law of 1990,” Penrose said. “It requires all government organizations to update the plan every three years. Starting in the spring of last year, we inspected all city-owned properties, including 13 buildings, nine parks and seven parking lots with the idea of inspecting previously identified ADA compliance issues as well as looking at new violations that may have come up since our last update.”

Penrose said the plan also includes curb and sidewalk improvements.

“Just as important as our facilities, the city’s programs and services offered to the public must be evaluated and training must be updated to meet the ADA guidelines,” Penrose said.

Five training sessions were conducted in 2019 for city staff who interact with the public on a regular basis, including staff at Sunset Hill Cemetery, the front desk at City Hall, the Warrensburg Community Center, the Community Development Department and the Warrensburg Police Department.

“When we go out to look, to reinspect every three years, I don’t just go out and look at what I’ve already identified,” Penrose said. “I’m out there to look with fresh eyes to look at the whole building or park.”

No one spoke during the public hearing portion of the meeting.

Information from the plan states, “the purpose of the ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan Update is to ensure that all citizens of Warrensburg are provided full access to the City’s programs, services and activities in the most timely manner as is reasonably possible. The City of Warrensburg prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.”

The ADA Transition Plan can be found at warrensburg-mo.com or by visiting City Hall, 201 S. Holden St.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.​

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