WARRENSBURG —The role of Public Works director in Warrensburg will dissipate on at close of the day on Wednesday, Dec. 15, with the retirement of current-director Marvin “Slim” Coleman.

The City of Warrensburg celebrated the retirement of Coleman with cake, cookies and construction cones Dec. 12 in the City Council Chambers, 104 S. Holden St.

Coleman, after nearly 35 years with the City of Warrensburg, will retire on Wednesday.

Warrensburg has hired Danielle Dulin as the new assistant city manager, replacing the role of Public Works director.

“On behalf of all the city staff and especially myself and the department heads, we will definitely miss Slim. … It will probably take us two or three people to replace everything he does and we will probably never regain all the knowledge he has,” City Manager Harold Stewart said.

Mayor Casey Lund read a proclamation from the city.

Proclamations from Sen. Denny Hoskins and Rep. Dan Houx were on display.

“If you ask any kid ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ they’d say cowboy, fireman, policeman, operate big equipment, maybe be a rancher or farmer,” former Public Works Director Bob Crumb said. “Slim has been a volunteer firefighter, a reserve police officer, he built houses, he’s operated every kind of equipment … and he is a farmer.”

Crumb told stories of Coleman pranking his colleagues and his colleagues pranking him in retaliation.

Crumb gifted Coleman with a bell that had been hidden by Coleman in a dump truck for one such prank.

“Slim has always been dedicated to the city and his co-workers,” Crumb said. “He has worked countless hours above and beyond expectations to provide the highest level of service to the community. He organized the department to become much more efficient and he developed a strong working relationship with the other departments and city organizations. He has done an outstanding job. … On our trip through life, we meet people who influence you, who you admire, develop a close bond and become a lifelong friend. Slim is that.”

Senior Project Manager William Graves told a story of when Coleman carried in a box containing baby skunks into the office one morning, tipping the box out onto Crumb’s desk.

“Now everybody knows baby skunks don’t have the glands, but (Crumb) didn’t remember that (in the moment),” Graves said.

The Warrensburg Fire Department gifted Coleman with a birdhouse, presented by Battalion Chief Guy Parsons, made from a firefighter helmet for his time serving as a volunteer firefighter.

Representing the Warrensburg Police Department, Police Chief Rich Lockhart, Lt. Andy Munsterman and Lt. Jeff Reynolds presented Soleman with a toy dump truck they had named ‘Slim’s Paddy Wagon’ and a reserve police officer badge affixed to a plaque in recognition of the 18 years Slim was a reserve police officer.

“It’s bittersweet to be able to put this many years in with folks,” Coleman said. “We’ve got great employees with the city. I’ve been fortunate to have really great people to work with.

“We’ve all grown. The community continues to grow. I see Warrensburg as growing even more in years to come. We’ve got a lot of growing pains, but that’s good for a community that’s in growth.”

The self-proclaimed cowboy is hanging up his spurs to focus on his family and hobbies.

Following Slim’s retirement, the Public Works Department will be one of the departments Dulin oversees.

Dulin’s first day with the city is Feb. 10.

“There is a saying that says ‘a successful man is one who will lay a firm foundation from bricks others have thrown at him’ and I’ve had a lot of bricks thrown my way. … We’ve done a lot to build a good foundation for the city of Warrensburg,” Coleman said.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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