WARRENSBURG — Friday, Feb. 14, is a special day for Ann and Harold “Hap” Chandler.

Not only is it Valentine’s Day but it is also the couple’s 34th wedding anniversary.

The Chandlers were married Feb. 14, 1986, in Richland, Michigan.

“I think we just got married,” Ann said on picking Valentine’s Day as the wedding day.

“It’s a wedding day symbol and we guessed we would do that,” Hap said. “That may have been an influencer, we did not realize that we had done it before.”

Between the two, Ann and Hap have eight children. Both Ann and Hap had four children prior to being married.

“They are all good kids and doing well in their lives, so we are pleased with that,” Ann said.

The Chandlers met while working for Michigan Bell.

“We actually got acquainted getting to the parking lot about the same time every day and did not know each others name for a long time,” Ann said.

After seeing each other in the parking lot on a consistent basis, Ann and Hap continued to see each other throughout the day at work.

Ann was a service representative in the business office while Hap was a repairman.

“He can repair anything,” Ann said.

“She could sell snow to the Eskimos,” Hap said.

Ann said it did not take long for her and Hap to realize they had a connection.

“At one point we were both single and he asked me for a date and I think by the second date we knew we were going to get married,” Ann said.

While living in Michigan, the Chandlers traveled to Arizona for the winter.

“We have enjoyed our life together, very much,” Ann said.

Hap said the key to 34 years of marriage has been being with the right person.

“She is by my side and I could not ask for a better one,” Hap said.

“He is my Prince Charming,” Ann said.

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