Casey's redevelopment plan concerns neighboring residents

Shelby’s, 303 N. Maguire St., is part of a redevelopment plan that is scheduled to appear on the Planning and Zonning Commission September agenda.

WARRENSBURG — Plans to build a Casey’s General Store on Maguire Street brought residents in the 300 block of East Market Street and East Gay Street to the Monday, Aug. 5, Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to voice their concerns.

Two requests were submitted to the PZC to rezone the properties at 309 E. Market St. and 310 E. Gay St. from a single-family residential district and a one and two family residence district, respectively, to a general business district.

Jeff Laubach, a project manager with Schmidt, Beck and Boyd Engineering, and Rory Shelby, current owner of Shelby’s at 303 N. Maguire St., spoke to the PZC about the plan to redevelop the land.

The redevelopment would include merging eight lots into one, including 309 E. Market St., 310 E. Gay St and properties directly to the east extending to Maguire Street to build a Casey’s General Store.

Members of the PZC asked questions about the Casey’s Addition regarding signage, outdoor lighting and hours of operation.

Residents that live near the two properties spoke in opposition to the requests at the PZC meeting

A letter in opposition to the two requests was submitted by Denny and Michelle Hoskins, who reside in the 300 block of East Gay Street, as they were unable to attend the PZC meeting.

Wilson Hurst expressed concern about the impact on historical homes in the area and the traffic flow on Maguire Street.

William Baker said the house he lives in was purchased by his parents when he was 2 years old.

“I’d rather see it maintaining the neighborhood as friendly,” Baker said.

“By rezoning (the lots) to commercial, it will make this neighborhood less desirable for living and our property values will certainly go down,” Karen Williamson said.

She expressed concern about the lighting, increased traffic and the size of the proposed development.

“If this proposal is approved in this new location, I feel it will bring an open invitation to more and more businesses and will bring down our established residential property values,” Carol Smith said.

The requests to rezone both properties were approved by the PZC.

City Council member Bryan Jacobs voted against both requests.

The requests are scheduled to be on the agenda for the Aug. 26 City Council meeting.

A minor plat for a development called Casey’s Addition is scheduled to be on the PZC September agenda.

The PZC heard two other requests.

The PZC voted to approve a request to establish a general business district at the southwest corner of 141 N.W. 21st Road adjacent to North Holden Street.

Jeff Terry abstained from the vote.

The PZC voted to approve a request to establish a general business district for a portion of County Road Northwest 21st Road located adjacent to 129 N.W. 21st Road and 1105 N. Holden St.

The final plat of CWW LLC Addition is at 524 and 528 North Warren Street.

The minor plat creates two buildable lots and no new roads.

The minor plat triggers improvements to North Warren Street, including the construction of the curb, gutter and sidewalk in front of the property.

The original plat of the property from 1871 shows the north lot line measures 75 feet. An exception was requested for the north lot line as it does not meet the 100-feet lot requirements.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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