KINGSVILLE — Most people walk outside and look down to see what is in their backyards.

But this summer at Powell Gardens, 1609 NW US Hwy 50, the roles are reversed as part of the BIG Backyard exhibit.

Guests are greeted at the entrance of Powell Gardens with BIG Popsicles that are more than 900 percent larger-than-life popsicle.

While the hot sun would melt most popicles, the wooden popsicles stand tall even though the base of the popsicle seems to be melted into the ground.

Once guests are parked, they can take part in a quick soccer game with a soccer ball that is eight times larger than the typical nine inch in diameter soccer ball.

The soccer ball at Powell Gardens in almost six feet in diameter.

Once in the visitor center, guests can partake in a friendly competition at the Big Coneflowers.

The display features pedals that are more than 1,000 percent larger than normal.

Guests can toss loose change into the flowers that then falls in the water below.

Each color of flower has a different point value.

Garden information states Missouri has five different native species of coneflowers.

After the coneflower, guests can then tour the gardens in search of the other displays.

There is another set of BIG Popsicles for guests to see within the gardens along with six other attractions.

“The objects highlighted for this exhibition were chosen for their playful, joyful and interactive qualities,” garden information states.

The popsicles resemble the the homemade popsicles sold at Powell Gardens.

Garden information states the popsicles sold at Powell Gardens are made from ingredients from the Heartland Harvest Garden.

As guests work their way further back into the gardens, they will unearth a pair of BIG Bugs.

A canopy shades a metal lady bug and a metal praying mantis from the summer sun to ensure guests don’t get hurt as they inspect the insects.

The lady bug and the praying mantis are not the only oversized creepy-crawly exhibits in the garden though.

Visitors will also encounter a BIG Earthworm along the path.

Garden information states most earthworms typically grow to just a few inches in length while other can grow up to 14 inches.

For those looking to take a break from the sun, the BIG Bluebird House (800 percent larger than life-size) is a short break in the shade.

Guests can put on a blue cape and sit in the oversized nest for a photo op as a bluebird look-alike.

With three pieces left to find in the garden as part of the exhibit, guests can take a load off at the BIG Adirondack Chairs while palm trees sway above.

After a short rest, visitors can play a game of oversized checkers on the BIG Checkerboard (that is 1,100 percent larger than real-life) before ending the tour by cooling off at the BIG Watering Can at the fountains in the middle of the gardens.

The watering can is 361 percent larger than a regular watering can.

The BIG Backyard exhibition is open through Sunday, October 21.

Dimensional Innovations donated the concepts for the exhibit while Standard Sheet Metal constructed the coneflower and watering can.

Powell Gardens also purchased the soccer balls while remaining pieces were built in-house by the maintenance department.

“We are thrilled to offer such a playful exhibition for our visitors to enjoy,” Tabitha Schmidt, president/CEO, stated. “The interactive and educational nature of this oversized exhibition has brought so much joy and laughter to the gardens.”

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