Warrensburg – Fire-suppression equipment stopped a fire Sunday from spreading in the Police Department computer room, Police Chief Rich Lockhart told the City Council on Monday.

The fire started and ended in a small part of the room, he said.

“It’s in one little box. All the other boxes that are in there are in great shape,” Lockhart said.

Computer batteries had nothing to do with the fire, he said.

“These are lead-acid batteries, these are not lithium-ion batteries that catch on fire,” Lockhart said. “It was the power supply that overheated and caught fire.”

The working theory is an electrical component sent too much current to the power supply, causing the box to catch fire, Lockhart said.

“We’re trying to identify that and get it fixed,” he said.

Fire Chief Jim Kushner, after the meeting, explained how the fire-suppression system worked.

“It’s called a clean-agent, fire-suppression system and it’s used in electronic facilities, like computer rooms, server rooms,” Kushner said. “It is a chemical that displaces the oxygen and snuffs out the fire, usually in a very rapid way. … It reduces the amount of oxygen in the air so the fire won’t burn.”

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