Warrensburg – Students took the opportunity to learn how to make decorative Easter eggs during the first of four training sessions Sunday at the Community Center, 445 E. Gay St.

Instructor Meghan Rowswell said she prefers the one-on-one teaching opportunity small classes allow. In the case of the class Sunday, she had three students – Linda Smith, Chris Dugan and Mary Biasotti – but said she would have been just as happy to teach a single student the art of creating Ukrainian Easter eggs.

“It doesn’t change the class any if it’s one or 10 students,” Rowswell said.

The tradition of placing eggs in dye is involved in the process, but there is more. Rowswell showed students how to design patterns, how to use beeswax to place the patterns on the egg and how to use the combination of wax and dyes to convert plain, white chicken eggs into works of art.

“It depends on the intricacy of the egg. I have had eggs that have taken me up to eight hours,” Rowswell said. “For class purposes, I tell them to keep it simple so they can get through a couple of eggs. They get better as they go through it.”

Rowswell provided all materials used in the class for the cover charge of $30.

Rowswell plans to teach three more classes, for ages 12 and older, from 9 to noon, Saturday; 1 to 4 p.m., Sunday, March 20; and 9 to noon, Saturday, March 26.

For sign-up or other information, call 747-7178.

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