WARRENSBURG — Community members donated a wide variety of items to be sold at a garage sale fundraiser hosted by the recently-formed nonprofit group Warrensburg Animal Rescue for its “Save Our Shelter” campaign to help fund the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter the weekend of Sept. 4 at 609 E. Young Avenue Building A10, Warrensburg.

In addition to the funds raised by selling donated items at the garage sale, a number of monetary donations were made to WAR during the weekend.

Bonnie Bryson’s GoFundMe raised $2,637 for the shelter, which she delivered to the group at the garage sale fundraiser.

Through donations and sales during the weekend, $17,322 was raised by WAR.

The garage sale was originally scheduled to go on for two days, but Vice President of WAR Olivia Bloom said the organization decided to extend it another day because of the amount of donations from the community.

Bloom said on the first day of donation drop-offs, there was a non-stop flow of community members dropping off items and on the second day, the line of cars in the drop-off line began wrapping around the building and the group had to stop accepting donations due to a lack of space.

“People were so generous, our hearts are just overwhelmed,” Bloom said. “The response we have received from the community is heart-warming and it brings tears to our eyes. It keeps us going.”

Bloom said the amount of donations received also caused the group to need an extra building as well as a U-Haul.

The organization has also received help from University of Central Missouri students as a number of students have begun volunteering to assist the group.

In addition to support from community members, Bloom said the group has received support from local businesses as well.

J.W. Franklin Co. Commercial Real Estate allowed the group to use the space in the Santa Fe Trail Shopping Center for free and Axion paid the utilities bill for the month.

“The support we are getting for what we’re doing is more than we could have ever dreamed,” Bloom said.

While the main goal of the sale was to raise funds for the shelter, Bloom said it also served as a chance for the community to meet the members of WAR.

WAR was organized by community members following the City of Warrensburg’s budget proposal to cease funding to the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter.

WAR is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with state 501©(3) status while federal is filed and pending.

It was developed by a partnership of local animal advocates to assume control of the shelter whose fundraising will be used to ensure the shelter can remain open during the transition period.

Those wanting to donate can mail checks to P.O Box 1234,Warrensburg, 64093.

WAR will host its next fundraiser, Race for Rescues 5K Color Run, Sept. 19 at Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter.

Staff Writer Dustin Steinhoff can be reached by calling (660) 747-8123.

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