Higgins stay busy with church, community volunteering

Steve and Pat Higgins find joy in volunteering.

Steve, 63, and Pat Higgins, 66, husband and wife, are volunteers with their church and in the community.

“We were, of course, looking for ways to give back to the community and stay active and busy because we both like to do that,” Pat Higgins said. “We’ve just said yes to a lot of things.”

How are you involved in the community?

“We’re members of Northside Christian Church and do a lot of volunteering through them or on behalf of them,” Pat Higgins said. “Examples might be, we have a (representative) for the Christmas Store, which is a yearly event and also through our church, we are on the first impression team.”

Pat said they also deliver meals for the church.

“The first impressions team, what that is, is there are three services at the church so we meet and greet people as they come in the church, especially in particular new people and help them with directions with kids or going to the sanctuary,“ Steve Higgins said.

“A couple years ago we did a diaper ministry for the church, reaching out to not just our church, but anyone who might need diapers,” Pat Higgins said.

“At the church, I’m actually a deacon there, so I have some ministries that I work with,” Steve Higgins said. “The main one in particular is benevolence ministry that we have through Northside. Along with that I’m also in charge of new devotional messages at the Veterans Home and The Arbors.”

Steve Higgins said the devotional messages have been on hold for the last six months, but he is hoping to begin to do them digitally.

Steven and Pat Higgins also volunteer with a feeding project at Shiloh Baptist Church and with Northside Christian Church at the Food Center.

“Community based type of things are, again, the Food Center and the Senior Center,” Pat Higgins said. “We deliver Meals on Wheels anywhere from one to three times a month.”

The Higgins also assist with a fall festival fundraiser for the Senior Center.

Pat Higgins serves as the treasurer of the Western Missouri Medical Center Women’s Auxiliary and the secretary of the Food Center Board. “We don’t sit at home,” Pat Higgins said.

Why do you volunteer?

“For me, it’s giving back,” Pat Higgins said. “I was a teacher in the community for 29 years and the community supported my program. I was a cosmetology instructor for 29 years at the (Warrensburg Area) Career Center. … I like to do for others.”

“Mines pretty much the same way,” Steve Higgins said. “I worked for Hallmark Cards for nearly 30 years. … It was just caring and just caring enough to give back. People have helped me along the way and it’s just my way of helping people back.”

What is something you do now that you two or three decades ago would not have done?

“I don’t think so,” Pat Higgins said. “I think, any of those things, had we been reached out to, we would have responded, done what we could.”

“I was involved in the Boy Scouts of America from 1968 ‘til about 2009 or ‘10,” Steve Higgins said. “All the way from doing leadership training for the youth to doing leadership training for the adults, been involved at the district level. I’ve past been involved with things throughout the years. I’m a master mason with the Masonic Lodge. We always help them provide for the community in different ways.”

Are you retired? What is/was your career field?

Pat Higgins retired in 2014 and Steven Higgins retired in 2016.

“I was in the engineering field for almost 35 years and then I ran my own home inspection business for an additional 10 years,” Steve Higgins said.

“I became a licensed cosmetologist right out of high school,” Pat Higgins said. “I worked behind the chair for 13 years and then got my instructor’s (license) and became a teacher of it. It’s always been a passion and I feel like whatever we do, we do it with passion.”

Has volunteering impacted you in any way?

“Habits would be habits we’ve always had as far as staying busy and staying active,” Pat Higgins said. “We try to stay active as far as exercise and so on just by walking everyday. And by being involved in things keeps us active. So, I guess that has impacted us the most. So many people when they retire, they don’t have a focus and it’s given us a focus.”

“Having that kind of giving habit or giving attitude sets the example for others to follow,” Steve Higgins said.

If someone over the age of 55 wants to get involved, where do they go?

The Higgins suggested contacting the Warrensburg Senior Center, Western Missouri Medical Center, a local church and the Food Center for volunteer opportunities.

“It’s always good for the heart to just give back like that,” Steve Higgins said.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.​

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