Ice is nice! Especially when you create a warm welcome to your home with a creative, icy greeting on a dark winter's night. From popular snowball-size ice candles to large blocks, they all sparkle and glow to line a pathway to your front door.

Maybe you're one of those people who can't stomach the thought of a meal the first thing in the morning, or maybe you've become accustomed to running on vats of coffee instead of a healthy breakfast. Sometimes traditional breakfast foods sound kind of blah. Who made the rules on breakfast foods anyway?

Let it snow, wherever you live, with this colorful watercolor art project your young kids will enjoy indoors on a wintry day this month. Grains of salt sprinkled over watercolor drawings mimic snowflakes to change your budding artist's landscape drawing.

Nicole Mabrey and Chris Michael were married Sept. 21 at Top of the Rock in Branson.