Stir up a no-cook meal for your family on a hot summer day. Just spin the globe until your finger lands on Spain, and think gazpacho! The season's freshest tomatoes, cukes, peppers and onions come together in this satisfying and zesty cold Spanish soup. Let your kids harvest some of the ingredients from your family garden, or choose them in peak condition at a farmers market. Teach your school-age children basic cutting and chopping techniques. They'll have lots of practice with this recipe!

Black-eyed peas have had a tremendous influence on both my writing and culinary career. My first book for children was entitled "Picking Peas for a Penny." It was a rhyming story about my mother and my Uncle John picking black-eyed peas for a penny a bushel basket on my grandparents' farm in Oklahoma during the 1940s.

Many different foods call to mind campfire cooking. Foods cooked over an open fire take on a unique, smokey and savory flavor that is hard to replicate.

Gwendolyn Amanda Beth Crocker, Raytown, formerly of Holden, and Robert Oliver Braun, Raytown, formerly Avon, Indiana, plan to marry Sept. 21, 2019, at A Secret Garden in Independence.

FAYETTEVILLE – Liberty Baptist Church, 85 N.W. 795, plans 2019 Lifeway Vacation Bible School from Monday, July 22, through Thursday, July 25.

Approximately 80 people from the Warrensburg Church of the Brethren and the Jesus Saves Pentecostal Church gathered June 15 at the Baile-Crouse home for hot dogs, s’mores and potluck down by the pond.

Children's Disaster Services has been called on several times in the last few weeks to provide childcare at shelters and multi-agency resource centers in Missouri: at Jefferson City and Eldon following tornadoes, and at Independence, Brunswick and Boonville as a result of historic flooding.