WARRENSBURG — Throughout history, nurses have played an enormous role in caring for patients, and every day they show up through the good days and bad days to continue to provide care.

Being a nurse in the intensive care unit is no exception, and Sarah Jones, a registered nurse at Western Missouri Medical Center, is an example of this.

Jones chooses WMMC for growth

Jones keeps a full schedule as an RN in the ICU.

Doing several 12-hour shifts each week, she can often be found taking care of her patients who require critical care.

As the charge nurse, she can be found training new graduates on the floor, preparing schedules and overseeing admissions and discharges.

“WMMC is a small community hospital, but I love how much growth I have seen over the years,” Jones said. “We have resources that keep patients close to home, but we also have a great understanding of when a patient needs to further their care or needs to be moved to a more advanced facility. I think the community would be surprised by how much specialty care we actually provide at WMMC.”

Jones has many patients that tell her how much they enjoy being able to stay in a rural healthcare facility close to home, so family and friends can be near their loved one in their time of need.

She is grateful for every chance she gets to help her patients.

Jones chooses WMMC for opportunity

When discussing how much the hospital has grown, she appreciated all the opportunities for nurses to work not only in the ICU, but in Pulmonology, the Medical/Surgical Unit and get trained in the Operating Room at WMMC.

Even in the Emergency Room, nurses work with telemedicine and as a designated Level III Stroke, Trauma and STEMI center, nurses get many opportunities not typically offered at rural hospitals.

Jones chooses WMMC for community

Outside of work, she also keeps a full schedule as a mom and coach to her two daughters’ softball, volleyball and basketball teams – but outside of her personal community, she is always excited to see her work community.

“I know everyone and if you don’t know someone, they always say hi and you meet them quickly,” Jones said. “Plus I have a fantastic relationship with the doctors I work with such as Dr. Pluym who is one of our critical care doctors. Our facility allows us to get to know our doctors on a personal level and have a relationship with them.”

Patients get the best experience when nurses and doctors collaborate to bring the best care possible for each critical situation.

Jones knows her doctors because she works closely with them every day, rather than rarely seeing the doctor or having several different providers that she works with.

WMMC said it relies on nurses like Jones every day to provide patients with the best experience.

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