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F&C Bank in Holden shows its love for all Missouri teams as part of a spirit week leading up to Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, Feb. 2, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

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Longtime Chiefs fan sings high praises for Mahomes ahead of Super Bowl LIV

WARRENSBURG — At 102 years old, Perry McCandless has seen his fair share of Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks over time.

But No. 15, Patrick Mahomes, has quickly risen as a favorite for the longtime Chiefs fan.

“That Mahomes is a good football player and I just think he will pull something out of the hat, I really do,” McCandless said of how he believes the quarterback will play in the Super Bowl.

The last time the Chiefs were in, and won the Super Bowl, on Jan. 11, 1970, McCandless listened to the game.

“I heard it,” McCandless said. “I listened to it on the radio.”

Fifty years later, McCandless can now watch Super Bowl LIV on his television in his room at Harmony Gardens Senior Living — Assisted Living by Americare.

“I watch it on TV, my daughter listens to it on the radio, she seems to like to listen to it on the radio rather than watch it,” he said. “And I am not so sure sometimes that a good radio announcer doesn’t make it as good as me watching it.”

He said he was still learning about the Chiefs in Super Bowl I but grew into more of a fan by Super Bowl IV.

McCandless remembered listening to the play of quarterback Len Dawson in Super Bowl IV.

“I remember the announcer literally yelling, ‘Dawson is fading back, throwing a long pass, oh and under that pass is a man named Otis Taylor,’ their best receiver,” he said.

McCandless compared the rising superstar Mahomes with the Hall of Famer Dawson.

“I like Mahomes, he is a good football player, no worries about that, and apparently a very nice fellow,” McCandless said. “I look back on Dawson almost as a businessman playing football. He just seemed like to me he was all business.”

He also recounted watching the recent game in December of 2019 between Mahomes and veteran Tom Brady.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, what a difference,’” McCandless said.

Ahead of the big game on Sunday, Feb. 2, one of McCandless’ biggest concerns is just being able to watch the game.

He said his TV has been giving him fits lately while the evening ballgames interfere with his bed time of 7:30 p.m.

“That makes it hard for me to watch any of the late games,” McCandless said. “I can’t see them from my bed.”

After waiting 50 years though, McCandless said he is going to try his best to watch the game.

“I will tough it out as long as I can,” he said.

Being a historian, McCandless said he has enjoyed recounting 50 years of Chiefs football ahead of Super Bowl LIV.

“I do not know if I did or not, really,” he said on whether or not he thought he would see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl again. “1970 was a long time ago.”

McCandless will not be alone on Sunday as he said his daughter is prepared to come watch the game with him.

“She comes down nearly every game,” he said.

As for the outcome of the game, McCandless said he is confident in Mahomes and the Chiefs.

“I really think the Chiefs are going to win it,” he said.

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RISE Crafts and Curiosities helps Chiefs fans prepare for Super Bowl LIV

WARRENSBURG — Fifty years of anticipation, hope, excitement, preparation and celebration have been packed into the last two weeks in Missouri as the Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2.

To ensure Chiefs fans are ready for the big game, RISE Crafts and Curiosities created their own Chiefs-themed shirts.

The store created three original shirts to help celebrate the Chiefs making it to Super Bowl LIV.

“We came up with another one too, but of course it sold,” Vicky Coulter, RISE Community Services vocational manager, said pointing to the two remaining styles of Chiefs shirts left in the store. “We are selling them left and right.”

She said everyone at RISE and the community as a whole has rallied around the Chiefs.

“It has been fun, just seeing everyone dress up has been fun,” Coulter said. “And coming up with different ideas for our shirts has been fun.”

Coulter said creativity was key to coming up with the shirt ideas.

“Because of copyright, you have to watch what you do,” Coulter said.

She said RISE already has plans in place to make more one-of-a-kind Chiefs shirts should the Chiefs defeat the 49ers on Sunday.

“We have got that on the back burner,” Coulter said.

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Holden residents share love of Chiefs with newborn calf

HOLDEN — Cochran’s Jerseys, a dairy farm in Holden, is teaching new members of its herd to be Chiefs fans from a young age.

Hannah Cochran, Holden, shared photos on Facebook on Tuesday evening, Jan. 28, of a Jersey calf born earlier that day sporting Chiefs gear and quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ hairstyle.

“Like I said in my post, ‘Jerseys have all the extras. And when it comes to the Chiefs, our spirit is Grade A, just like our milk,” Cochran said Wednesday morning, Jan. 29.

Cochran said the Chiefs outfit on the newborn calf was a great way to show the farm’s Chiefs spirit.

“I knew I wanted to do something fun to show our Chiefs spirit for the Super Bowl and there was no better of doing that than dressing up a calf like ‘Mooohomes,’ Cochran said.

She said the calf did not show objection to wearing the attire.

“The calf did not mind the outfit whatsoever, and I knew right then, we had another Chiefs fan on the farm,” Cochran said.

After her initial post on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, Cochran said the post began to gain lots of traction and was shared numerous times on social media.

“By my post going viral, not only are people showing their support for the Chiefs, but they are showing their support for a local dairy farm, and that means the world to us,” Cochran said.

While the calf does not yet have a name, it appears this newborn has quickly become a fan favorite in Chiefs Kingdom.