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Linda Smithson, Holden, poses for a photo with her award and her new roof. Smithson was awarded a new roof as part of a national contest put on by Covers 4 Others.

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City Council discusses possible amendments to open container ordinance

WARRENSBURG — Given the frequent requests to allow open containers of alcohol for events, City Manager Harold Stewart presented a first reading of an ordinance that would change how the city addresses open container requests at the Tuesday, Nov. 12, City Council meeting at the Warrensburg Community Center.

Open Container ordinance

The portion of the ordinance that reads, “It shall be unlawful for any person to drink from or have in (their) possession an open container of intoxicating liquor in any public place within the city, except when a liquor license has been issued and is in effect for such public place,” remains unchanged.

The proposed amendment to the ordinance would change parts of the process to apply for an exception to the applicability of the ordinance.

City Counselor Douglas Harris said the open container ordinance does not apply to private spaces to which the general public does not have access without permission, such as the front yard of a residence.

The council discussed the possibility of implementing an application fee or fee structure and what classification an organization must be to apply.

Harris and Stewart explained, under the Hancock Amendment, if a fee is not initially implemented with a change to the city ordinance, a fee cannot later be added.

Stewart said the cost of the fee would be reliant on staff time and the cost of processing applications.

Council member Scott Holmberg expressed concern about allowing alcohol at family-oriented events.

“We are already allowing the consumption of alcohol in public spaces and we have a process in place for that with a beer garden,” Stewart said. “This opens the scope significantly more than what we have done in the past.”

Harris said an access-controlled space, such as a beer garden, is defined differently than a public space that is temporarily exempt from the open container ordinance.

The second reading of the ordinance was scheduled for Monday, Nov. 25.

Parking on Water Street

Police Chief Rich Lockhart presented an ordinance regarding the parking on Water Street.

Parking was allowed on the east side of Water Street, which has mail boxes. Parking was prohibited on the west side of the street.

Lockhart explained that, typically, parking is prohibited on a side of the street with mailboxes so as to allow mail carriers access to the mailboxes.

The council voted to approve the ordinance to allow parking on the west side of Water Street, from Market Street to Pine Street, and prohibiting parking on the east side of the street.

The Traffic Commission met Oct. 16 to discuss this issue.

Four-way stop at Christopher and Zoll streets Lockhart presented an ordinance to establish a four-way stop at Christopher and Zoll streets.

“Zoll Street … is a street that is heavily traveled and is also, unfortunately, traveled over the speed limit quite a bit,” Lockhart said. “It is difficult to enforce speed there.”

Lockhart said a resident from the area approached the Traffic Commission at the Oct. 16 meeting to discuss a four-way stop at Christopher and Zoll streets.

Lockhart said a four-way stop in that location will force drivers to reduce their speed and improve safety as a tree at the intersection limits visibility.

The council voted to approve the ordinance.

Mayoral Appointments

Mayor Casey Lund appointed Raymond Crisp and Ellie Schmutz and reappointed Cindy Bechtol to the Warrensburg Arts Commission.Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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Board of Education discusses cost for construction documents prior to April election

WARRENSBURG — The Warrensburg Board of Education discussed the draw/fee schedule during its Oct. 15 meeting regarding construction projects that will be part of a ballot issue presented to voters in April.

Hollis and Miller Proposed Draw/Fee Schedule

Assistant Superintendent Andy Kohl presented the Hollis and Miller Proposed Draw/Free Schedule, which includes the time frames and estimated costs for schematic design, design development and construction documents that are to be completed by April for phase one of the district activities site plan, the Warrensburg Middle School addition and the additions and renovations to the elementary schools as well as the construction documents for the Warrensburg High School addition.

“Hollis and Miller has been great for us to work with over the past several years and if they are willing to work with us and spread the cost over two years, to me that is a win,” Kohl said.

Information given to the board states the total cost of the schematic design, design development and construction documents listed in the draw/fee schedule is $684,500. This does not include the cost of construction.

“We probably save about 4.5 to 5% in escalation fees if we do it this way as opposed to waiting another year to start,” Kohl said.

Board Member Beth Rutt expressed concern about the cost and how it would impact the budget.

“You got to take a risk,” Board Member Morris Collins said.

Kohl said the district will have to shift some priorities to accommodate the cost.

The projects listed on the schedule will be part of a bond issue on the April ballot regarding funding for improvements to district facilities.

“This is step one of 25 steps … If (the) bond issue was based on wants rather than needs, I would caution (the board) to wait until after the vote, but I think we have narrowed this down from quite a few projects in the Facility Plan to the bare bones of what we feel like we have to meet the needs of the students,” Kohl said.

An informal vote was taken as to whether Kohl could proceed with the schedule, with Rutt being the only member to vote against the schedule.

Building/program highlights

Warrensburg Area Career Center Director Rusty Sproat presented highlights regarding the WACC and its programs.

Equipment that the WACC has acquired in the last year from being awarded grants include an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, an auto collision welding kit, a laptop cart with 25 laptops, a point of delivery for the WACC computer networking programs, an arc welder and a TIG machine for welding.

“It’s great to have instructors that are up to date and they pay attention … they talk about what the students need to know and what kind of equipment they need to be able to use when they come out into industry,” Sproat said.

A new initiative for the WACC is a partnership with Warrensburg High School for the school store in the commons area at WHS.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to get (them) involved in the retail industry,” Sproat said.

Sproat also discussed the third annual Manufacturing Day that was Oct. 4.

“The goal is to bring students and industry together, get them talking,” Sproat said.

Consent agenda

The board approved an affiliation agreement regarding Certified Medical Technician oversight with the Missouri Veterans Home — Warrensburg, the Missouri Veterans Commission and the WACC. Agenda information states the agreement will allow WACC to provide oversight for CMT classes.

The board approved an agreement between the WACC practical nursing program and Ready, Set, Grow Daycare to allow practical nursing students to observe a local daycare and an agreement with Christ Church Christian School to allow practical nursing students to observe a local private school.

The board also approved an addendum to the WACC Adult Student and Financial Aid Handbook.

Enrollment and membership

The board was informed of the official student membership count, made official as of Sept. 25.

Kohl informed the board that the district can only officially count preschool students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals.

Membership, including preschoolers who participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program, went from 3,387 in 2018 to 3,367 in 2019.

Student membership, including all preschoolers, was 3,459 in 2018 and 3,447 in 2019.

Kohl said the three-year and five-year average growth in the district is right at 1%.

Addition of middle school sports

The board approved the addition of seventh grade girls volleyball, girls basketball and boys basketball to sports offerings at Warrensburg Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year.

General obligation bonds

The board approved a resolution authorizing the offering for sale of up to $6.1 million in general obligation refunding bonds by the district.

Construction manager

The board voted to approve JE Dunn Construction as the school district’s construction manager.

JE Dunn was selected from four submitted proposals that were evaluated by district staff and administration members. Two proposals were presented to and interviewed by the Construction Manager Selection Committee.

JE Dunn Construction was selected by the committee based on their presentation, interview and references.

“Their knowledge of our construction work is superb,” Board of Education President Thomas McCormack said.

“They are a known-entity force and have done several projects for us in the past,” Rutt said.

Facilities report

Lyle Kreisel presented an overview of district facilities and the status of construction projects within the district.

“Maintenance-wise, we felt like this was a very busy summer, as all summers are for us,” Kreisel said.

Kreisel said 10 classrooms and a hallway in Martin Warren Elementary were carpeted.

“Two of the custodians took it upon themselves, they carpeted the 10 classrooms and the hallway … they did a fantastic job,” Kreisel said.

Other projects completed during the summer were the installation of convection ovens at the elementary schools, car rider drop off area at Sterling Elementary, asphalt in several locations throughout the district, the installation of new doors at Ridge View Elementary, asphalt for the car rider lanes at Maple Grove Elementary, replacement of all 86 windows at Warrensburg Middle School, repairs to most of the 256 lockers identified as previously unusable at WMS and installation of additional cameras across the district.

At WHS, lockers in the original part of the building were removed, tile was replaced, insets for bathrooms were painted red to make the area more pronounced, lighting was upgraded in 17 classrooms and in the parking lot and doors in the commons area were replaced. The music room carpet was removed and the concrete floor was stained, new music files were installed, ceiling tiles were replaced and the lighting was upgraded.

Upgrades were made to the WACC front area and entrance, and epoxy was laid in the three shop area floors.

Kreisel also discussed projects planned for next summer.

Educational support services

During a special board meeting Oct. 29, the board approved contracted services for 2019-2020 with multi-district deaf/hard of hearing program for Educational Support Services.