WARRENSBURG – Taking advantage of new technological resources to help make enrollment as simple as possible, the University of Central Missouri has joined more than 800 public and private colleges and universities nationwide to offer The Common Application.

Simply known as the Common App, this tool allows students to apply for admission to multiple colleges at one time using only one

online application.

Students can visit commonapp.org and create an account.

Once they login, they can click on the College Search tab and locate schools that meet their interest using criteria such as institution name, location, application deadline or proximity to their home.

The Common App not only helps students explore different institutions of higher education, but provides information about how to apply, things students can do to plan ahead for college and gather information to help them in their selection. It also offers a virtual counselor which can help students determine which schools are right for them.

Drew Griffin, assistant vice provost for admissions and financial aid, said the university began offering this app in November and has already received a number of applications

from users.

He said it is a great opportunity for students who are undecided about where to attend college to learn more about UCM, and it also provides more national exposure for the university, reaching students across the United States who may not be familiar with the institution.

“The Common App is a nice complement to our existing recruitment efforts, Griffin noted. “It is a win-win both for students and institutions. It gives students access to colleges that they otherwise would not even think to apply to and streamlines the process for them. For universities like UCM, we are now recruiting at a national level, giving us exposure to students and regions where we have not previously recruited.”

Students who apply for admission to UCM by Jan. 1, 2019, using the Common App also will be included with all other applicants in an opportunity to win a free tuition scholarship valued at 30 credit-hours.

The winner will be selected randomly and announced Jan. 10 from the pool of applicants, which includes those who also apply for admission using more traditional ways to apply.

Learn more about the opportunity to win free tuition and other ways to apply for admission to UCM at ucmo.edu/landing-pages/apply-tuition-giveaway/index.php.

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