WARRENSBURG — Warrensburg High School presented “Guys and Dolls” Thursday, Nov. 21, through Saturday, Nov. 23.

The musical follows Gambler Nathan Detroit as he tries to find a place to host his big craps game all the while trying to manage his relationship with his fiancée Miss Adelaide.

Detroit works to make a bet with fellow gambler Sky Masterson as he tries to earn the money needed to rent out a space for the big game.

The bet includes Masterson taking missionary Sarah Brown on a date.

The character cast includes Beth Anderson as Sarah Brown; Daniel Hicks as Nathan Detroit; Morgan Starbuck as Miss Adelaide; Kaden Callahan as Sky Masterson; Adrienne Sauer as Arvide Abernathy; Joey Renfrow as Nicely-Nicely Johnson; Ian Weber as Harry the Horse; Brianna Harlow as General Matilda B. Cartwright; Sasha Fuller as Big Jule; Gavin Rupp as Lieutenant Brannigan; Greg Burns as Police Officer; Eric Sawyer as Benny Southstreet; Gavin Moore as Rusty Charles; Jordan Helmig as Joey Biltmore; Ben Renfrow, Aiden Walker, Perrin Franklin, Roy Norman, Evan Rupp, Trevor Tart, Greg Burns and Lex McKinley as Crapshooters/Guys; Mati Shore as Mimi; Evan Rupp as Master of Ceremonies; Jahnaya Thomas, Tyler Pierce, Mati Shore, Ava Greenberg, MaryLou Graves-Krumm, Kelli Gilpin and Malia Callahan as the Hot Box Dancers/Dolls; Dani Richner as Agatha; Josie Griffin as Caroline; Karlie Knowles as Martha; and Lizzy Hall, Bailee Burkhart, Mary-Katherine Land, Kat Neil, Tehani Kanoa, Victoria Harris and Rachel Dye as Dolls/Mission Band Member.

The production staff includes Director Katherine Miller, Music Director Whitney Sipowicz, Accompanist David Rehn and Technical Director Jake Reed.

The crew includes Dance Captains Adrienne Sauer, Eric Sawyer and Jillian Voskovitch; sound board operator Jake Reed; sound crew Aliza Hughes and Kaleb Martin; lighting design, Jordan Helmig; Wardrobe Head Josie Griffin; wardrobe crew, Debbie Atkins; run crew, Jessica Beyer, Abby Fowler, Jaden Wright and Caleb Jordan; and set crew Logan Shaw, Sasha Fuller, Bailee Burkhart, Aliza Hughes Gabe Reynolds, Aiden Walker, David Taylor, Mason Fritch and Ben Sutton.

The band includes David Rehn on the piano; alto and tenor saxophones Breanna Derritt and Colvin Hoskins; trumpets Andrew Perkins and Daniel Allen; and Jason Levine on the drums.

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