WARRENSBURG — More than 200 students decked out in red caps and gowns graduated from Warrensburg High School on Saturday, May 18, in the University of Central Missouri Multipurpose Building.

Superintendent Scott Patrick welcomed graduates and attendees.

The Concert Chorale and Soundwave, accompanied by David Rehn, performed “Sure on this Shining Night.”

Principal Bret Pummill introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Cody Bradfisch.

“Develop a strong work ethic, use education as a vehicle to take you to where you want to go, be involved to make a difference, be positive and share your optimism with as many people as possible and live in the moment with your focus on the present,” Bradfisch said during his speech.

Outstanding senior vocalist Maggie Likcani, accompanied by Rehn, performed “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” followed by a recognition of graduates graduating cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

Outstanding senior instrumental musician Ben Snipes performed “There Will Never Be Another You,” assisted by Sungwon Cho, Mark Doss, Sarah Ray, Michael Sekelsky and Stephanie Sekelsky.

The class address was delivered by Kaylee Henry and Jimmy Le.

“Everywhere I look, there is life,” Henry said during her speech. “The struggle is real. Every person in here has had to work to get you to this day.”

“I want to remind you to embrace your challenges. ...Thank you to the people who have made me stronger,” Henry said.

“We are always looking forward to the next big chapter in our lives.” Le said. “First, they say, graduate from high school, then, for some, it’s getting through college and finally getting a job then preparing for retirement. Then what? .... So it is important for us, class of 2019, to live in the moment we are in right now.”

“Fellow graduates, take a moment,” Le said. “Look around and just soak it in one last time.”

Pummill conducted the presentation of class and the acceptance of class was done by Board of Education President Tom McCormack.

Patrick delivered the closing comments, concluding the ceremony.

A chair in the front was left empty in memory of Shirley Tran, a Warrensburg student who died in an automobile crash in 2016.

The class motto for the 2019 graduates is “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do,” by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Staff Writer Sara Lawson can be reached by emailing sara.lawson@dsjnow.com or by calling (660) 747-8123.

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