Warrensburg School District Office

WARRENSBURG — With the pandemic still ongoing, the Warrensburg School District is planning ahead for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent Scott Patrick said the district is preparing for multiple scenarios for the entire school year.

The first day of school for students is Aug. 26.

“Our hope is to start school as normal with precautionary measures in place; however, we plan to make a final decision by Friday, July 24, so that parents/guardians, students, and staff can have time to prepare and make plans for the beginning of school,” Patrick said in an email. “Of course, any and all plans are subject to change depending upon the current state of affairs in our country, state, county and city.”

Plans include:

Beginning school normally with students and staff in schools with additional precautions in place

A combination of in-school and online learning

Virtual/online education exclusively

The details of each plan/option will be shared by July 24.

“Again, at this time, we do not know what to expect, but we have to be prepared for multiple scenarios,” Patrick said.

The district has formed three committees to prepare and plan for re-entry; the Curriculum and Instruction committee, Social and Emotional committee and Facilities and Safety.

Each of these committees has representation from parents and community members and the school district, including teachers, counselors, social workers and administration.

“We appreciate your continued patience as we work through what the 2020-2021 school year will look like,” Patrick said.

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