Nine Teacher Impact Grants awarded in Holden School District

Holden teachers hold Teacher Impact Grant checks awarded to them by the Holden Schools Foundation. Back row, from the left, Mitti Manor, Trina Davidson, Carly Ewing, Amy Fennewald and Kathy Kilgore. Front row, from the left, Ashlee Brockhaus, Amanda Orton, Tobi Chambers, Shawna Thompson and Carrie Christy.

HOLDEN — The Holden R-III School Foundation awarded $9,817.27 to 10 teachers in the form of nine Teacher Impact Grants on Aug. 20 for the 2020-21 school year.

The recipients were awarded their checks by HSF President Sally Davidson individually to allow for social distancing.

Amanda Orton, seventh-grade Science, was awarded $331 for Cellular Exploration – Slides sets and individual slides to view organisms and processes such as blood smears, cell and animal tissue, deadly human diseases, human genetics PTC test set.

Ashlee Brockhaus, K-12 Behavior Intervention Center, was awarded $361 for setting up individual study stations to contain items needed for work completion, enforce social distancing and reinforce positive interactions.

Amy Fennewald, Student Support Center, was awarded $435 for setting up a room for students needing a test space, credit recovery or behavioral redirecting, stress release resources, cube storage shelves, earbuds, timers and helpful resources.

Tobi Chambers, seventh-grade English/Language Arts, was awarded $488 for an outdoor food box to be made and placed near Holden Middle School for students and families to get food when it is needed, allowing students to study about ways to serve their school, community and world through this project and research.

Kathy Kilgore, fifth-grade Science, was awarded $1,107 for two online science subscriptions and hands-on supplies to provide inquiry-based opportunities for engaging the students in classroom STEM investigations for complete engagement.

Mitti Manor, sixth- through 12th-grade Life Skills, was awarded $1,233 for eighteen task/job boxes to allow students with cognitive delays an opportunity to develop job skills in the classroom.

Christy Carrie and Shawna Thompson, fifth-grade, were awarded $1,629 for Bringing History to Life... Again, for high-interest novels, project based learning and STEM/STEAM activities introducing the Cold War to students and allowing for higher engagement and deeper discussions; and two online resources/subscriptions that support the curriculum.

Carly Ewing, sixth- through eighth-grade was awarded $2,074 for Project Lead The Way/STEAM for creating above par designs with robotics-automation. Robotics students will collaborate to design, prototype and build an above par 9-hole mini golf course by combining robotic mechanisms, coding skills and the design process.

Trina Davidson, kindergarten through fifth-grade title math specialist, was awarded $2,161 for Tangy Touchables to support the instruction of basic number sense in the early grades to build concrete examples in all four mathematical operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide).

All community members and businesses who donated $500 or more have been listed on each of the TIG’s and each recipient has been given contact information for the sponsors so they can personally contact them to thank them and share information on their successes through the school year.

The foundation hosted donation drives for community members, businesses and district staff members.

The foundation has also been the recipient of donations to help fund their efforts from fundraisers hosted this year by 2nd Street Bistro, Yoss Bros and The Cowboy Inn Crew.

Since Nov. 2006, the foundation has awarded 91 grants, a total of $77,569.56.

Teacher Impact Grant sponsors at the “legend” level, $2,500 or more, include the Cowboy Inn Crew: Owner Sandy Carter and head crew, Marcella McCoy, Mary Hillsman, Sara Henderson, O & M Enterprise, Inc., Tony Lerda and Linda Eagleson.

Sponsors at the “visionary” level, $1,000 to $2,499, include Eric and Sarah Abel of Abel Machine and Dorothy Adams of Holden Family Care, LLC.

Sponsors at the “achiever” level, $500 to $999, include Eric and Sarah Abel, Alicia Edwards and Yssel Aguilar of 2nd Street Bistro, Ray and Sandra Briscoe, Emmy Tabor of Central Bank of Warrensburg, Ted Guinn of American Family Insurance, Jennifer Farnsworth Smithson of F & C Bank, Larry J. Hart of L.J. Hart & Co., Bob and Linda Mickey, Mike Keith Insurance Rt and Christie Slack of Slack Farms, Ruth Ferguson of Robert Taylor Insurance, John and Fran Yoder and Caleb Frazier of Yoss Bros.

The foundation will continue to seek donations and host fundraisers to help teachers and students with educational/academic needs that arise during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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