WARRENSBURG — Landon Corson and Lane Morgan were the stars of the show Tuesday, Feb. 4, as the Leeton community celebrated the published authors.

Corson, eighth grade, and Morgan, seventh grade, became published authors through Stephen Kozan’s ReadyAimWrite Kids publishing company.

“I just really enjoy this area,” Kozan said.

Kozan was in Leeton on Tuesday for an all-school assembly.

“You don’t have to wait to be an adult to do something you want to do,” Kozan said.

Those in the crowd had the opportunity to ask questions of the two authors.

“It is just so cool to see the communities come out and support these great young authors and I just enjoy doing these events for them,” he said.

Corson said he had just learned about dystopian-style movies and books when Kozan presented the school with a flash-fiction competition.

Students in Leeton had the opportunity to pitch a one-page story idea to Kozan for the opportunity to expand the idea into a published book.

“I just started writing one and Mr. Kozan came and I put that idea on paper and he chose it,” Corson said of his book.

Corson’s book is titled “The Power Plague.”

“At first I was a little skeptical and then I learned about how my book was going to be published and I was so excited,” he said. “It’s just such a big part of who I am and I love literature and stuff like that.”

Morgan said the idea for his book was one that he had thought about for a while.

“I always wanted it to have, if I was going to write a book, mythical creatures and fantasies and stuff,” he said.

Morgan said the idea for his book started small and quickly grew.

His book is titled “Enchantia.”

“It means a lot,” Morgan said of having a book published. “I can’t believe I actually wrote a book and I am really proud of it.”

Both Corson and Morgan said they hope to continue their writing careers in the future.

Both students discussed their future plans with their classmates during the assembly.

Both books end on cliff hangers.

Morgan said he has a sequel in the works but did not want to release any details about it at this time.

“I just can’t wait to write more,” he said.

Community members had a further opportunity to speak with the authors at a book signing later in the day in conjunction with the home basketball games.

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