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With 16 cases of COVID-19 in the student population, Holden School District administration ceased all activities and athletics for Holden High School until Monday, Sept. 21.

HOLDEN — Holden School District administration ceased all activities and athletics for Holden High School until Monday, Sept. 21, due to active cases of COVID-19 in the district.

“We had some active cases on both our volleyball team and our football team, he said. “We had to quarantine quite a few of those players, and so we just made the decision to try to get everybody healed up and get back to business. We thought we would just shut those activities down for that period of time and try to get back to it when everybody got back.”

Superintendent Mike Hough said all high school sports as well as any extracurricular activities, such as band, choir and clubs.

Twelve active cases were identified Friday, Sept. 11. Four more were confirmed positive Monday, Sept. 14.

As of Thursday, Sept. 17, the district has a total of 17 active cases and one recovered case.

The school district, the superintendent said, is continuing protocols and precautions of social distancing and sanitation. Hough said the school identified individuals who were in close contact to those infected and that close contacts were notified by a building administrator. Close contacts are those who were within 6 feet of the person positive for more than 15 minutes.

In total, 105 people are quarantined, including those positive and those in close contact. The Holden School District has a student population of 1,202.

Hough said the district is told about confirmed cases by Johnson County Community Health Services, through self-reporting or from a parent or guardian.

“Hopefully, we can just keep everybody healthy,” he said.

The district’s COVID-19 dashboard updates the day after cases are confirmed. To view the dashboard, visit holdenschools.org.

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