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Vote ‘NO’ on Clean Missouri ballot issue No. 3 on Nov. 3

Johnson County voters passed Clean Missouri , Ethics Reform and hiring a non partisan professional to draft legislative district boundaries, voting 72% in favor of passage in 2018.

But the GOP-controlled legislators, including all of our local state representatives and our state senator, decided you either did not know what you voted for or were just confused about something or other.

They passed a bill to have voters vote again on this issue this November.

They got some very good lawyers to draft the language for this bill and iIf you just read the ballot language, it sounds sorta good, till you look at the devil in the details.

Please do your research on this ballot issue.

Which multi-millionaires support it and why?

What exactly is the objection to having elected officials accountable?

In the past our State Sen. Denny Hoskins has said we did not need Clean Missouri to have Ethics reform.

But Denny did not do it.

After Clean Missouri was the law, Denny had all kinds of ideas on how to implement ethics rules.

But first we have to get rid of Clean Missouri.

State Sen. Denny Hoskins along with State Reps. Dan Houx, #54; Glen Kallkmeyer, #53; Brad Pollitt, #52; and Dean Dohrman, #51, all support overturning Clean Missouri.

The GOP seem very afraid of who the state demographer, charged with drawing voting districts, will be?

Ask your representative who gets to hire the demographer?

The answer the senate majority leader and the senate minority leader have to agree on who to hire.

If the GOP has hiring authority, why are they afraid of the process?

If we have fair districts now, then nothing should change. Right? Only if we have districts drawn to favor one party or the other can we expect changes to the boundaries unless we have population changes to account for.

So ask Sen. Hoskins, State Reps. Houx, Kolkmeyer , Dohrman and Pollitt, why did they not call for ethics reform prior to Clean Missouri passing?

Why after Clean Missouri passes are they in favor of changing the Citizen Ballot Initiative process to make it harder to have initiatives in the future.

Why do they seem to be afraid of the boundaries that could be drawn by a demographer hired by the GOP Senate Majority leader?

After you have done your research, please vote “NO” on Clean Missouri ballot issue No. 3 on Nov. 3.

Raymond James

Rural Resident Johnson County

Why I support Medicaid expansion, will vote ‘YES’ on No. 2

My Husband and I are both retired U.S. Army Master Sergeants who have excellent Health Insurance through Tricare, our military health insurance.

But the best insurance in the world is just a useless card unless there is a hospital close enough to help you when you need it.

Missouri has lost 10 rural hospitals in the last six years and the balance sheets of many are often in the red, including our local hospital.

Medicaid expansion will result in bringing a billion dollars into our state to pay for our currently uninsured to be covered.

That is money that will help fund our hospitals.

While It may not be the total answer at keeping our rural hospitals open, a billion dollars will go a long way in that effort.

Keeping hospitals open, providing good paying jobs in our rural communities while enabling the working poor to have health insurance.

Sounds like a great deal to us.

Vote “Yes” on No. 2.

U.S. Army Master Sgt. (Ret.) Jewell James,

Post Oak Township

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