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WARRENSBURG – The Warrensburg Parks & Recreation announced the Warrensburg Community Center, which includes the Indoor Aquatic Center, gymnasium, walking track and Fitness Center, will continue to remain closed until June 15, 2020.

WPR states all Community Center All-Access Pass Memberships, as well as any related charges, have been paused and credit for lost time billed will be applied to all memberships.

WPR information states re-opening plans will be shared in a separate release.

The CDC has stated that there are concerns with playgrounds and facilities located within local, state and national parks, including:

They are often crowded and could easily exceed recommended guidance for gatherings;

It can be challenging to keep surfaces clean and disinfected; and

The virus can spread when young children touch contaminated equipment and then touch their unwashed hands to their eyes, nose or mouth.

Based on these, as well as recommendations from the National Recreation & Parks Association (NRPA), all Warrensburg parks facilities, which include ballfields, playgrounds, shelters, bathrooms, benches/tables and the ABC Building will remain closed until further notice.

Nassif Aquatic Center is closed for the 2020 summer season.

In accordance with the State of Missouri and JCCHS support for the public to safely engage in certain outdoor activities, which may include exercising, walking, hiking, running, biking and fishing, Warrensburg Parks & Recreation states it will keep all trails and grounds, tennis courts, Skate Park, Lions Lake, Blind Boone Park and the Old Drum Dog Park open and accessible to the public, to the extent reasonably consistent with social distancing requirements.

All baseball, softball, tee ball and Tiny T’s sports programs have been canceled for the 2020 summer season.

Summer Day Camp has been postponed until further notice.

WPR states staff will be in contact with those affected by postponements and/or cancellations of sports, events, activities and rentals, and more information will be released as soon as possible.

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