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WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE – The Johnson County COVID-19 Task Force confirmed the first confirmed positive case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in Johnson County, Missouri, was reported at Whiteman Air Force Base.

Johnson County Community Health Services announced the first confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in the county with a press release about 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, March 21.

Whiteman Air Force Base stated the confirmed positive case of COVID-19 on the base involves an adult, non-military member.

Whiteman AFB states the base remains at Health Protection Condition BRAVO.

“There are no immediate, additional restrictions in place; however, they may be implemented in the future,” the base stated.

The Johnson County COVID-19 Task Force states that as of Monday, March 23, there have been 212 COVID-19 tests given in Johnson County and that of those 212, 38 have come back confirmed negative and one came back confirmed positive.

“This first confirmed case is a stark reminder that we must take this seriously,” Col. Jeffrey Schreiner, the 509th Bomb Wing commander, said. “Let me be clear to Team Whiteman, if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed, call our public health hotline at (660) 687-1545. Team Whiteman will continue to practice social distancing and taking precautions to halt the spread of the virus. The health and safety of our airmen and their families is paramount — and a direct requirement for enabling our vital strategic missions. How you carry yourself in the coming days and weeks impacts national security. Take this seriously for the sake of the mission, the nation and our local communities.”

The base states that if a person is feeling ill while at the instillation, call the local nurse advice line at (660) 687-1537.

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