Johnson County Community Health Services reports an overall total of 1,130 COVID-19 cases in Johnson County as of Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 23.

WARRENSBURG — Johnson County Community Health Services reports an overall total of 1,235 COVID-19 cases in Johnson County as of Monday afternoon, Sept. 28.

Of those confirmed positive cases, 976 are considered recovered while 254 are still active. The case count is an increase of 62 cases since Friday, Sept. 25. Forty cases have been considered recovered since Friday.

To be considered recovered, the Johnson County COVID-19 Task Force states a person who had tested positive must be seven days post onset of symptoms and 72 hours fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication.

To date, there have been seven overall deaths reported in relation to the virus. Five of the deaths have been reported as directly related to COVID-19 complications by the county health agency. The additional two deaths were reported by The Arbors at Harmony Gardens — Memory Care Assisted Living by Americare, 539 E. Young Ave., Warrensburg.

JCCHS recommends all Johnson County residents stay home when not feeling well, stating the mildest symptoms can spread and become more severe for others. In addition, the JCCHS recommends those suspecting they have COVID-19 or who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 should call a health care provider to let them know before seeking care.

For more information, visit or call the State of Missouri COVID-19 Hotline at (877) 435-8411.

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I am puzzled as to why the number of deaths reported here as six do not match in some way with those reported on the Johnson County Covid tracker. The total cases and active cases match but the deaths there should either be 4 or 6, is seems, but it shows 5. Can anyone explain that discrepancy?

Dustin Steinhoff

Apologies for the confusion, this was a mistake on our end. As of Sept. 28, JCCHS had reported 5 deaths in relation to COVID-19. The Arbors has reported 2 additional deaths for a total of 7 in the county as of Sept. 28. We have update the story to contain the correct information.

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