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WARRENSBURG — Survival Adult Abuse Center (Survival House) announced the return of its free community support groups which will resume July 13.

All Survival House groups take place at Survival’s Outreach Center, 137 E. Culton St., Warrensburg.

Survival Outreach Offices are located above the Food Pantry.

Survival House offers a variety of free peer support groups for survivors, victims and parents to share their experience, strength and hope with each other in a supportive environment.

All groups are based on healing, building on strengths, exploring feelings, options and problem-solving skills.

Each peer support group will last for 45 minutes.

Family and Parenting meets at 4 p.m. each Monday. Topics include: parenting styles, behavior modification, sibling bonds, power struggles, boundaries, milestones, safety and discipline.

Surviving Clean & Dry meets at 4 p.m. every Tuesday. It is centered at the intersection of trauma and substance use. Group topics include alternatives to using, relational strains trauma and using can cause and the role that boundaries and self-esteem can have on recovery and prevention.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Survivor Support meets at 4 p.m. each Wednesday. Topics include: Domestic and sexual violence, empowerment, safety, warning signs, healthy relationships, boundaries, choices and self-esteem.

Living Independently meets at 4 p.m. the last Wednesday of the month. Know your rights and responsibilities as a renter and be ready for independent living.

LGBTQ+ Support meets at 4 p.m. each Thursday. Survival House is queering group dynamics to get and give support as an LGBTQ+ individual. Topics may include identity, coming out, family, social issues, work experiences, relationships, parenting, sexuality and violence or fears.

Additional details are available on the Survival House website and Facebook page.

For more information please contact Survival’s Executive Director April Roller at (660) 429-1088 or via email at

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